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The Elsir Vale

The Elsie Vale is the site of the former Red Hand invasion. The center of the Vale is Brindol where the Bear Claws first meet and agree to rescue some prisoners being kept at the abandoned Castle Rivenroar. Also in the Elsir Vale is the city of Overlook where the Bear Claws went to aid in defending the Vale against the incursion of Orcs during the Siege of Bordrin’s Watch. Near the city of Overlook is the Mountainroot Temple and the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, two of the most prestigious places of worship for followers of Moradin.

The Shadowfell

The Bear Claws followed Modra to the Shadowfell where they found the military camp at Umbraforge.


The Bear Claws, after saving Overlook countless times, assisted the githzerai monks at Akma’ad in repelling a githyanki attack there. After the attack they found themselves in Sayre a University city that has made a name for itself by attracting artists and artisans of high skill.


The tropical Island of Nefelus contains a powerful magocracy that The Bear Claws helped to free from a magical curse. The island, an ancient volcano that was split in two during the struggles of IO and Erek-hus in the time of the Dawn War, had been blockaded by ice and the Bear Claws were needed to get to the seed at the center.

The Feywild

The Bear Claws made a journey to the feywild to close Cachlain’s portal network to the githyanki. While there they uncovered evidence the Exarchs of Tiamat were involved in the war and found Mary’s mother looking for her daughter.

Main Page

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