Nefelus.jpgCapital and only city of the tropical island nation bearing the same name, Nefelus is built among the vegetation on either side of the high cliffs of an inlet.

Population: 32,500; few live more than a mile from the cliffside shores, since the rainforest beyond is dense. Most of the residents are devas; there is a minority population of eladrin, elves, gnomes, half-elves, and humans here. The rest of the races are unknown to Nefelus, although some say that dwarves, dragonborn, and goliaths live in the moun- tains in the interior of the island.

Government: Nefelus is a magocracy, ruled by a council of seven deva mages called the Thraxinium. The council is elected once every ten years by devas that possess the ability to cast rituals. No other Nefe- lese citizens are allowed to vote for the Thraxinium. The government sits in the Great Library, a massive domed structure that rises above all other buildings and is also the university, library, and main temple complex to Corellon and Ioun. In foreign affairs, Nefelus is isolationist, conducting only limited trade and relations with the outside world.

Defense: Nefelus is without a standard army or militia, having rebuked any external threats with their magic or naval might. Rather, they have the Nefallum, an organized military force consisting of approximately 100 deva mages, answerable to the Thraxinium. They also have a 200-ship navy known as the Sea Sentinels, consisting of about 2,500 offi- cers, sailors, and marines. Their naval vessels are often powered by magic and are considered some of the finest crafted in the world.

Inns: Due to its isolationist nature, there is little profit to be had for an innkeep. Those that seek boarding can arrange such with a boarding house.

Taverns: Navah’s House of Spirits, Gertie’s Brown Bottle, The Green Parrot.

Supplies: Gamal’s Gear, Nefelus Outfitters.

Temples: The Great Library (Corellon and Ioun), The Valorous Spire (Bahamut), Brighthall (Pelor); Melora is worshiped at small shrines in most homes and by sailors.


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