Bear Claws

64. Dis is the Place...

Characters:James, Roland, Thera, Alton, Jak, Izera, Althaea, Jalissa, Thornside, Kira
Level: 19/20
Location: Tu’narath, The Fortress of Three Sorrows
NPCs: Gith/Vlaakith CLVIII, Zetch’r’r

The group enters the Fortress of Three Sorrows as githyanki forces begin to muster against them in the distance. Inside they find dead githyanki scattered about every level. The burns and wounds on the githyanki appear to be from infernal magics caused by a devil.

In the bottom of the Fortress they hear an argument through a door between two beings. They decide to barge in and find an angel of Tiamat guarding the immobilized form of a young githyanki woman. He is arguing with a devil who is clutching a gnarled staff. The devil claims that her soul belongs to him. The angel refuses to release her.

When Roland opens the door they turn to look at him and Roland hears the voice of the githyanki woman in his mind telling him she will help them if they release her. The group unleashes their attacks against the devil and angel as well as the magical barrier that is holding the githyanki woman captive. When it falls she leaps free and kills the angel. The devil escapes through an infernal portal but not before shouting a warning that by freeing her they have doomed millions.

The woman explains that she is Vlaakith reborn but she is also Gith — the founder of the githyanki race. Several months ago she found herself free from the prison in Dis and came to inhabit the reborn Vlaakith. Since she is free then that means that the Scepter of Ephelomon that Zetch’r’r holds has been broken, which means that the dragon pact has been broken.

Gith wants to expose that fact tot he dragons so that they will abandon Zetch’r’r. She believes that the Separatists can then seize the empire and she can reclaim her rightful place.

Rushing out to the Filia Ursa they set sail for the city while Gith shoots flaming symbols into the air to signal her agents in nearby fortresses and ships. The rebellion for the city of Tu’narath has begun.

Meanwhile, Jalissa, Thornside, Jak, Kira and Izera make their way, under cover of the fighting and chaos in the city, to the Chromatic Bastion where Zetch’r’r is hiding in his tower. Izera and Kira fly to the top of the tower while Jak, carrying Jalissa, and Thornside climb the outside of it. At the top they find Zetch’r’r sitting on a throne in the open-air upper story. When he sees them he calls to his handmaids to deal with them.

Jak leaps down on top of him and strikes him multiple times with his Ugrosh. Jalissa slips off his back just before he jumps off the wall and she lights Zetch’r’r on fire. Zetch’r’r is surprised that Jak is alive and hits him once before running away while calling on his dragon. Vraxanault is a huge red dragon that rises up from the floor below and grabs Jak in his jaws.

Izera and Kira focus fire on Zetch’r’r as well. Jak teleports out of the dragon’s mouth and attacks again. The dragon bites him again and drops his unconscious body onto the floor below. Then he turns his attention to the other attackers. Kira finally kills Zetch’r’r and the dragon picks her up in his mouth and breathes a blast of his fire at her, ripping her arm off and dropping her to the ground. She blasts him back with a reactionary attack of magical daggers.

Thornside runs over to Zetch’r’r’s fallen corpse and picks up the Scepter on his belt. It falls in two pieces as he picks it up. The dragon stops and stares at him. With the Scepter broken the dragons are no longer under a pact to help Zetch’r’r or the githyanki. The giant red dragon climbs from the tower, stretching his neck up in to the sky and bellowing his rage in a draconic fury. The other dragons all around the city answer his call and he leaps off the tower and flies away.

Thornside climbs to the top of the tower and holds the broken Scepter over his head just as the Filia Ursa swoops in close and Gith jumps down next to him. She proclaims the city as hers and thanks Thornside for ending the dragon pact.




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