Bear Claws

63. Follow Me

This way to Bahamut...

Characters: James, Roland, Xaladin, Alton, Jak, Izera, Althaea, Jalissa, Glamor, Kira
Level: 19
Location: Tu’narath, The Fortress of Three Sorrows
NPCs: Emil, Pattie, Esuriit, Mary, Gharvag, Rhapsody

Xaladin, Izera, Jalissa, Kira and Jak take a portal to Tu’narath and meet up with a githyanki who is working with the separatists. He leads them to bar run by a tiefling woman named Rhapsody. She explains that the Emperor has figured out what they are doing and is executing anybody even remotely associated with the rebels.

When she discovers that they have friends coming by ship her and Gharvag have an idea that is a last desperate attempt to seize back their empire. Vlaakith CLVIII has been captured and is being held in The Fortress of Three Sorrows, a floating fortress about a mile off of the city proper. If the other group can bring their ship close enough and make a raid on the Fortress to free her at the same time as this group attacks Zetch’r’r then they have one final chance to free their people. The separatists are going to activate all their cells around the city at that moment as well so that the city will be distracted.

The Scepter of Ephelomon is the symbol of the pact that githyanki have made with the dragons of Tiamat. If the scepter is taken from Zetch’r’r then the dragons will no longer fight for him.

Xaladin sends a sending to Alton and tries to tell him the plan. He is able to get enough across that Alton knows they should attack the Fortress and not to kill Vlaakith.

Althaea questions the githyanki prisoner in the hold and he tells her that the Fortress of Three Sorrows is one of the defensive cordon around the githyanki capital city. He helps point it out and helps them avoid the blockade around the city, which seems to be on high alert.

Alton, James, Roland, Glamor, and Althaea pilot close to the Fortress of Three Sorrows and attack. The githyanki fight back brutally, firing ballistae at them. Things are pretty tense when Althaea and then James are knocked unconscious from their wounds but they manage to clear the surface of the Fortress by fleeing back to their ship and using the spell turrets to pick off the remaining enemies.

Fortress of Three Sorrows Map



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