Bear Claws

52. Trebuchet's Were Totally Designed With Passengers in Mind

Characters: Del, Galadorn, Thoran, Foe
Level: 10
Location: Sherbyrr
NPCs: Kalad, Emil, Pattie, Inogo Dravitch, Zoander, Sorry Apsilar

In an early snowstorm Kalad, Emil and Pattie show up at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to take a small group of dwarves to Sherbyrr to help break the siege of githyanki.

Upon their arrival Inogo Dravitch introduces them to Zoander, the commander of the city guard, and Sorry Apsilar, the captain of a force of mercenaries sent by Fariex the Scalehammer.

Zoander wants to take the conservative approach and shore up the defenses of the city. Sorry wants to abandon it as lost, fill it with alchemist’s fire and light it once the githyanki move in. The dwarves convince her that they need to defend the city against the githyanki and try to point out methods which might help keep the city safe. Some of which include failed demonstrations of launching themselves from catapults.

Zoander and Sorry wonder why they are there.

The next day the siege starts in a rain storm as githyanki form up in ranks, pushing great rolling siege towers. Dragon knights lift off the ground and airships float into position for a broadside on the city.

Galadorn immediately straps into a trebuchet and launches himself at a dragon, hoping to punch it into an airship. He miscalculates and flies right past the dragon, fist cocked and ready to fly. Thoran, somewhat bookish and clumsy attempts to determine the attacking strategy from the map and gathers the forces to a place farther along the wall. Just in time for a large black minotaur to leap from a siege tower onto the wall and start laying about him with a giant axe and a large cleaver. Githyanki pour over behind him.

Del runs up to the minotaur and tries to throw him off the wall but finds him immovable. Foe chases after Galadorn, hoping to catch him but he sees Galadorn land on an airship and start punching and head-butting his way across the deck.

The siege takes a turn for the worse when the minotaur shouts that he has killed the leader and holds up the body of Kalad, high above his head. Emil, standing on a nearby trebuchet shouts, his spear raised high above his head and runs at the minotaur, stepping on the heads of the githyanki between them.

His spear flashes white and then a siege tower crashes through the wall between the dwarves and Emil and they can no longer see him.

Githyanki corsairs poor from the siege tower onto the wall top and archers can be seen behind the arrow slits of the tower. Thoran starts the encounter off by nearly wiping away all the githyanki on the wall before the tower spits a fireball from the metal dragon-headed top and the archers let loose through the slits. A dragon with a dragon knight shows up and things get pretty edgy after that.

Thoran summons an angel of blades inside the tower to keep the archers busy, Del rallies his allies around the tower to fight it better. Foe and Galadorn (who forced the airship he was on to crash near the wall) fight off the dragon and knock the dragon knight off his mount.

As the tower moves farther into the city the minotaur can be seen talking to Emil, telling him that Kalad can be saved if he is willing to make a deal. Emil agrees and fire bursts out of his mouth burning friend and foe alike.

The dwarves kill the dragon and climb down behind the tower to attack the dragon knight, not realizing that the tower is still mobile. It backs up over them, crushing them and rendering all but Thoran unconscious, and him nearly so.

The minotaur drops Emil on the wall top and sounds a horn that calls the githyanki to press the attack. The tower moves away and the githyanki pour into the city, leaving the dwarves behind for dead. Emil checks on Pattie, lying nearby. Climbs down to the dwarves and uses his Healing Hands to revive the three unconscious ones before climbing back up to check on Kalad.

Kalad moves, opens his eyes and says, “Emil, what have you done.” Then his pupils turn white and his skin gray and his wounds gape open as his mouth peels back in a death rictus grin. His fingers now curved like claws he swipes at Emil, alive only in undeath.

Emil screams at the minotaur and tries to chase after them but Pattie tackles him. The dwarves, nearly unconscious form loss of blood themselves attack the newly arisen Kalad and beat him back off the wall where they destroy his undead body.

At that moment Sorry Aspilar, leading a contingent of her mercenaries, comes by, fleeing the city. Sherbyrr is lost, the githyanki are pillaging and burning as they move farther to the center and the linked portal is working overtime to get the people trapped int he city out. Everybody else is fleeing while Caliandra’s elves cover the escape. Pattie forces Emil to his feet and drags him away from the city, tears streaming from his face.




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