Bear Claws

69. Sleeping in a Croissant

a buttery pillow of comfort

Characters: Roland, Jak, Thornside, Xaladin, Murook, Alton, Kyra, Jalissa, Thera, Glamor, Izera
Level: 24
Location: The Mantled Citadel, Hestavar
NPCs: Mornujhar, Irfelujhar, Mary, Emil, Pattie

The Bear Claws rushed into the library and attacked. Jak rushed across the room, the mosaic of Tiamat raised a head and blasted him with a breath weapon. He sliced into the beholder and stabbed it with his spear. The beholder and Mornujhar struck back. Murook also jumped into the fray and slashed with her axe. The beholder teleported Thornside into the middle of the battle and scared Xaladin into running away. Alton unleashed fire. Thornside shot his bow at all his enemies. Roland shot fireworks at the enemies. In the middle of the battle a vampire grabbed Roland from behind and bit his neck. Kas demanded his sword. His vampire minions punched through the ceiling, clawing and scrabbling at the stone prying it away from the cliff face. The building began to separate from the cliff.

Roland teleported away and Kas leaped on Jak, taking the sword from his back and striking at those nearby. He flew away, taking his vampires with him. Irfelujhar told them that he had been working on summoning Bahamut in mortal form and the final component he needed to complete the ritual was the sword of Kas in the demiplane of the ritual. When the Bear Claws Nate red the realm, the ritual completed and Bahamut found himself in the presence of Tiamat and mortal. She killed him.

Some of the Bear Claws are upset by this and they finish him off, burning his body to ash.

Just as they do the library falls away from the building. Everyone leaps to safety but Jak misses and falls to the ground. From down there, looking up he can see a huge swarm of dragons approaching, angel metallic dragons. Then the gods themselves come, led by Moradin and Kord they begin to tear the place apart, reaping their vengeance on the demiplane.

High above them the Bear Claws can see the familiar lines of the Fillia Ursa and Emil waving to them from the rail.

They climb and fly as they can up to their ship and flee from the destruction behind them, not before Thornside turns a powerful dragon into a Githyanki using a specially prepared arrow with a vial of chaos powered water.

Pattie and Amyria are on the ship and both have been crying. Amyria explains that indeed Bahamut is dead but there is an artifact, the Arrow of Fate, that might be able to bring him back if they act quickly.

Jalissa, with the Daughters of IO in the astral city of Hestavar has a vision where she sees IO killed and two Dragonborn find one of his scales.

Roland has the same visions and sees the Dragonborn transform the scale into the head of a huge arrow he transfers his soul into the arrow. The gods war over the arrow until Pilot, Erathis, Ioun and Asmodeus make a pact to hide it away behind four seals in the city of Hestavar.

After two days of sailing across the astral sea the Bear Claws arrive at the Bright City.




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