Bear Claws

54. In the Hall of the Stone-Skinned King...

by Grieg

Characters: Thornside, James, Alton, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 15
Location: Rhest, Skyshaper’s Demesne, Cachlain’s Court
NPCs: Cachlain, Sovocles, Druemmeth, Inzira, Nathyra

Thornside motions to his friends that he has a plan and sneaks into the room where the cyclops slavers are and begins tying a piece of his silken threads to the pant leg of the nearest cyclops. Roland peaks under the edge of the ceiling to see what is going on and one of the cyclops hears him and turns to look at him. The rest of the Bear Claws move into the room and the cyclops toss sleeping powder into their midst to try and knock them out.

They also toss nets onto the Bear Claws to keep them restrained while they move into pummel them senseless.

The Bear Claws find themselves in some tight situations as the giant fey creatures attack them, trying to capture them as slaves for Cachlain’s court.

They eventually kill all but one of the cyclops and subdue him into leading them to the feywild gate in the ruins. The gate leads them into a stone circle in the feywild where they encounter two firbolg who are looking for the Seed of Winter. They were sent by Inzira, who had scried out it’s location and told them it would return to the feywild in this place. They take the Bear Claws to a nearby encampment of Eladrin and introduce them to the leader who is named Druemmeth Goldtemple.

Druemmeth asks them about the Seed and Xaladin admits that he has it. Druemmeth is impressed with their honesty and opens a communication channel to Inzira, Daughter of the Frostwhite Forest and cousin of the Winter Queen. Inzira tells them the fomorian upstart, Sangwyr, has been causing problems for her and for Cachlain and she wants the Bear Claws to take the Seed of Winter with them to help in bargaining with the Stone-Skinned King — but they must return it to her when they are done. She wants them to bargain for an alliance with Cachlain to help put down this Sangwyr.

Xaladin agrees as long as he can find out about his friend who was captured by Cachlain. While they are deliberating an dragonborn approaches them, she is Nathyra — Mary’s mother — but she has aged nearly forty years since they last saw her, eighteen years in the past. She has been in the feywild looking Washburn who took her egg. She has not been able to find him and had nearly given up hope until she recognized the Bear Claws. They told her that Mary was only 18 and that she was no longer in the feywild.

Druemmeth leads them to an entrance to the feydark and the cyclops guards there guide the Bear Claws under ground to Cachlain’s court which is a miles long palace carved from a single solid piece of purple crystal.

Inside the throne room sits Cachlain, purple, skinned, hunch-backed, one large dominant red eye and a smaller beadier black one. He sits on a huge crystal throne staring down at a gladiatorial arena that can be seen through the transparent crystal floor. Next to him sits a human who introduces himself as Sovacles.

Sovacles despises the Bear Claws and it just short of being rude to them. They succeed in catching Cachlain’s attention briefly but there is some kind of magical hold on his mind that keeps him distracted.

Sovacles tells them that they will be given guest quarters and allowed to stay for a few days while the King ponders the things they have said to him.




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