Bear Claws

62. Don't feed the dragon...

...he bites Minotaurs.

Characters: James, Roland, Xaladin, Thornside, Alton, Jak
Level: 18/19
Location: The Astral Sea, The Citadel Mercane
NPCs: Emil, Pattie, Esuriit

Jak catches up with the Bear Claws while killing two of the Pact Dragons. He lands on Xaladin and James, knocking James unconscious after being newly revived. He gives James a healing potion and James begins applying his healing magics.

The ship they are on, the Cev’ren, is drifting into the portal to the Astral Sea, it’s helm is locked. James tries to steer a different direction but can’t figure out the unfamiliar helm. They bring Roland and Kada’ne over to the Cev’ren and cut their disabled ship loose.

Emil and Pattie, riding on the back of Fariex shout for them to throw the key to them before they pass into the portal. Thornside tries to anchor their ship to the copper dragon but his arrow bounces off Fariex’s scales and the Cev’ren passes through the portal to the other side.

There are more than three dozen githyanki war ships surrounding the portal. One of them sounds a horn blast and comes about, moving toward them. Kada’ne wakes up and tells them they are going to die. He will give them a life boat and let them live if they will surrender.

They refuse and he instructs them to wave a white flag in response to one of the other ships messages. Thornside, thinking Kada’ne is trying to trick them, waves a blue flag. The githyanki immediately start sounding horns, alerting all the other ships and the begin to close in on the Cev’ren in a loose sphere. The Bear Claws jump into action and ram the closest ship, shearing off it’s masts then turn and flee, dodging between attacking githyanki ships.

They manage to steer the ship through the foray, only taking minor damage to the ship from the fire and lightning attacks of the other ships before they break away and flee into a cloud of night.

In the cloud they hear and then see an Astral Dreadnought swimming past through the astral sea, it’s mouth large enough to swallow their entire ship. They move along through night for a few days, repairing the damage and exploring the ship.

On the third day they meet an Aaracokra fisherman who is casting nets to find Astral Trout — which he claims taste like ‘your god has welcomed you home, when they’re fresh.’

He realized they do not know how to navigate and gives them a crash course on the six directions in the Astral Sea (North, South, East, West, Zith and Terth). He also tells them that they might find a portal home in the Citadel Mercane which is inside the Blood Mountain about a day and half North by Zithwest.

The Bear Claws arrive at the Citadel and dock their ship inside the huge cavern that holds the Citadel Mercane. One of the local sailors tells them to stay at the Dreaming Spire because anywhere else is too dangerous.

Prices here are exorbitant.

The Bear Claws fly across to the Citadel and go inside where they find a giant Bazaar of randomly floating earthmotes that are covered with booths and stalls and even a few permanent buildings.

The Bazaar, because of it’s random nature, has a constructs that act as guides to show people how to find what they need. Roland, James and Xaladin schedule a portal to the Material Plane for the next day at a ridiculous high rate before heading to the Dreaming Spire where they find people expecting them, asking if they are there for Rel’thrik.

When Roland says yes they give him a box that opens when he places his thumb on the indentation on the bottom. An image of a githyanki appears and says that the Dark Lady’s spies are everywhere and he has failed in his mission. “If you still want an alliance go to Tu’narath, we will find you.”

As Roland is leaving he hears some shouting and sees Emil standing on a table hopping up and down and gulping from a mug as he waves his hand at his mouth. Sitting near him is Pattie and Mary.

The Bear Claws approach, confused at how they got there. James, has gone to get a massage and Thornside is busy loading up all the prank paraphernalia he can carry.

Emil explains that the githyanki separatists approached the Coalition about an alliance and asked to meet their representative, Rel’thrik, here. Emil is the representative, Mary and the Daughters of IO are his protection. With the Bear Claws gone the Coalition doesn’t have their go-to heroes and they Amyria is struggling to keep things together after the coup that she helped them stage to thwart Quelenna and the other Coalition members.

After the Bear Claws tell them about the message and that they learned earlier that Rel’thrik was murdered by a trio of dark angels they suggest going to Tu’narath to meet up with the the separatists.

Pattie points out the the Bear Claws are pretty noticeable as a group and suggests that they split up, half of the Daughters of IO with half of the Bear Claws could take a portal that Izera will be able to open for them. The other half of each group will take the Cev’ren.

With that plan in mind they give Kada’ne’s key to Brin to take back to Amyria.




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