Bear Claws

61. Roll the Dice...

...who do you want to be today.

Characters: James, Roland, Xaladin, Thornside, Alton
Level: 18
Location: The Well of Worlds, Garaitha’s Anvil
NPCs: Amyria, Bejam, Emil, Pattie, Haryssus, Mary, Althaea, Izera, Thera, Jalissa, Glamor, Kira, Quelenna, Caliandra, Eoffram Troyas, Fariex the Scalehammer, Brik, Del, Galadorn, Lorne, McCross, Thoran, Megan Swiftblade, Sylen Leafrunner, Ragnum Dourstone, Ghenna Tenson, Madrick, Bede, Buttercup, Loovat, Misty, Brak, Blightfang, Nathyra, Conrad the Black, Rufus Cromley, Brin, Reniss, Tokk’it, Falrinth

The Bear Claws learn more about the Well of Worlds. It appears to be a True Portal and a scrying focus at the same time. When they return to the portal chamber they find the pool of healing water has turned into a substance that looks like a rich dark wine. Roland tastes it and his skin turns blue and his hair turns into a wave of water. He suddenly finds he can sense the liquid in the pool and that he might be able to manipulate it. He becomes a Water Genasi.

Thornside see this and takes a taste as well. He instantly gets ten years younger, resembling a 9 year old boy. Alton refuses to drink it but studies it and realizes that the chaos added to the pool has made its effects random.

Thornside takes another drink and gets lucky enough that he returns to his original age.

Xaladin is tempted but he doesn’t drink from the pool. Thornside and Roland bottle up some of it for later use.

Amyria and Bejam come through the portal with the Coalition leaders. Quelenna, Troyas and Caliandra are upset that Amyria is using Coalition resources to attack the githyanki. They think that those resources would be better used to bolster defenses of Coalition lands. James punches her in the face. Roland calls him off and gives her a healing potion which Thornside adds a drop from the pool to. Quelenna drinks the potion and turns into a githyanki. Everyone is shocked and Roland tells them that the chaos of the area has messed with the healing potion and it will go away in a few days.

Quelenna believes and Amyria puts her off by asking to speak in private with the Bear Claws. She tells them that nothing will get done if the Coalition has a say. She wants the Bear Claws to rally everyone together to go fight the githyanki.

The Bear Claws use the Well of Worlds to scry on Quick — who is being reprimanded along with Pug. They also look for a key to the Well of Worlds. They find one on Admiral Kada’ne, a githyanki leader who appears to be inside of a giant shipyards that is built on the inside of a sphere.

Bejam tells them that with Haryssus’ help and a couple days study he can give them one use of the Well of Worlds to go anywhere they want. Amyria wants to send the 100 heroes that are there, into the shipyards as a distraction while the Bear Claws get the key then return to one of the dozens of linked portals in the shipyard.

The Bear Claws rally the troops to the disgust of Quelenna. Fariex the Scalehammer joins them and reveals himself to be a copper dragon and says he will join the battle.

The Bear Claws step through the portal to see Kada’ne’s ship lifting away from the docks and fleeing toward the astral portal high above. All about the shipyard chaos reins. Fariex swoops about, spitting acid at nearly finished ships while Emil and Pattie cling to his back sniping at githyanki as he flies past. Other heroes can be seen fighting in different places all about the shipyard.

The Bear Claws board a smaller, faster ship and take off after Kada’ne. They catch him just as their ship is disabled by the blasts of lightning coming from Kada’ne’s ship and the attacking dragon knights.

The gityhanki cast out boarding lines and lash the two ships together as they drift ever nearer to the astral portal. The ghityanki attack and the Bear Claws respond in kind nearly wiping out the githyanki. Kada’ne, getting frustrated that his crew was being wiped out before his eyes moved in for the attack. James met him head on and Kada’ne sliced him up and left him unconscious on the decks of the Cev’ren. He leaped over to the Bear Claws ship and did the same to Xaladin.

Roland and Thornside backed away shooting at him and he went down with an arrow through the leg, pinning to him to the deck of the ship.




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