Bear Claws

60. Roger, Roger...

What's our Vector, Victor

Characters: James, Roland, Jak, Xaladin, Thornside, Althaea
Level: 17
Location: The Fane of Chanhiir, The Well of Worlds
NPCs: Talanee, Amyria, Bejam, Emil, Pattie

Talanee and her githyanki tidy up the place by gathering all the bodies into a single room. Then they remove the force field protecting the portal at the center of the building. Talanee explains that this is a portal that allows people to move between planes at will and is linked to an ancient, extra-planar place called the Well of Worlds.

Her and her people go through the portal but the Bear Claws can’t tell where they went. They send a sending to Amyria to tell her what they found and she asks for the portal sigils. After James sends them to her she comes through the portal followed by Bejam, Althaea and Emil and Pattie.

Bejam and Althaea set to understanding the portal right away, arguing about the theory and the magic involved. While they work the portal is kept active the Coalition leaders come through as well as a steady flow of adventurers and people that the Bear Claws have known — all gathered by Amyria to push back against the githyanki.

She asks the Bear Claws to organize the defense and guard posts for the fortress they are in, expecting the githyanki to try again to seize the World Gate — as the portal is called.

Althaea and Bejam take nearly three days to study the World Gate. In that time Thornside and Emil join up with Pattie to switch the clothing of the various adventurers.

One night Thornside has a dream about a wizard fleeing from a demon. The demon catches him and, even as he is torn apart he casts a spell that sucks the demon into his armor. Thornside wakes up to find his armor has swelled up to form a shadowy demon around him and it is speaking. The demon says he is getting stronger and will kill them all when he gets free. Then he insists that he will get free.

The voice is loud enough to wake his friends up and they discuss various way to remove his armor including killing him and raising him afterward. He refuses the last offer when they tell him he will have to pay for his own raise dead ritual.

Amyria comes and tells them that Althaea and Bejam want to talk to them. She leads them to a library, this one with dozens of intact books. Althaea and Bejam have set up a study and want to explain what they have learned.

Through the technical talk and babble they reveal that the World Gate is linked to another place, the Well of Worlds which can be used to move about the planes or anywhere in the world. They also reveal that the only way to use it is to be a githyanki… or to have a special tattoo.

They want to know if the Bear Claws are willing to go the Well of Worlds to clear it out and make sure it’s safe so that they can move on the githyanki.

The Bear Claws get their new tattoos and move through the portal where they find a group of githyanki drinking water from a pool. They look as if they’ve just come from a battle. Roland tries to talk to them but they quickly recognize that he should not be there and attack. Jak spends most of the battle unconscious. But the Bear Claws succeed in killing the githyanki.

They quickly learn that the Well of Worlds is a dimensionally confusing place, doors in opposite ends of a room both lead to the same room and rooms seems to be occupying the same space as each other.

In the third room they encounter some guardian beasts that nearly kill Thornside by jumping out of the mirrors and transporting him to another dimension.

Xaladin is able to communicate with him and explain that killing the beast is the only way to get back to the rest of the Bear Claws.

Beneath the grated floor of that room they descend down a spiral stair to a room with a study. An eldritch giant sits, chained to the table, working on books and scrolls. She introduces herself as Haryssus and has been chained for three hundred years. She maintains the Well of Worlds and tells them that they need a key to operate it and the keys are all held by the leaders of the githyanki.

James sends a message to Amyria telling her that the Well of Worlds is clear.

Her response: “We’re on our way.”

Well of Worlds Map



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