Bear Claws

59. It looks like a cute little bunny...

...but tastes like githyanki.

Characters: James, Roland, Jak, Xaladin
Level: 17
Location: Sayre
NPCs: Birkeni, Talanee, Megan Swiftblade, Sylen Leafrunner, Ragnum Doustone, Ghena Tenson, Madrick

Roland discovers information about the Reigar who claim that they have mastered the Elemental Chaos and can create beauty and shape reality with it.

The Bear Claws travel to Corwyn, the northernmost city in the Coalition lands. Corwyn is a mining town that is known for their opals. From there the watchtower of Thiradith is a three day hike into the mountains. The Bear Claws set out and James has never been happier, seeming to love the barren, rocky highlands.

As they approach the watchtower of Thiradith they see a loan half-elf watching them approach. He greets them as the watch commander and invites them in to share a meal with the soldiers there. Megan Swiftblade sees them and taunts them mildly before acknowledging that the Bear Claws did save her life once.

Jak stops to change into his new fancy duds before going in to the soldiers mess where they are served a hearty dinner of hard tack and salted pork. Jak sits down right next Sylen Leafrunner who is talking trash about the Bear Claws. He then daintily cuts and eats his food with his fork and knife.

The Bear Claws and the Freeriders agree to investigate the site where the githyanki were spotted. They agree to work together on the investigation and James asks Megan to decide when they will leave and where they will go.

One of the soldiers tells them that his patrol found three dead githyanki on the trail about a week ago and tells them where to find the trail.

They leave the next morning at dawn and quickly find the spot where the githyanki were killed. Blood still stains the rocks but the bodies are gone. Xaladin sniffs around and finds that, not only were the bodies carried away — which is unusual for githyanki — there is evidence that they caused a rockslide in their haste to get away from something. The rockslide hides a narrow trail that branches up into the mountains.

They decide to follow this new trail and soon come to a man-made building that is disguised to look like a natural bluff form a distance. Scouting around the building they discover there are two entrances with githyanki stationed at each entrance. The githyanki don’t seem to be concerned with anybody approaching their building as they are pretty casual and don’t have any patrols.

Megan proposes a friendly wager. She offers a bag of magical stones if the Bear Claws can get to the center of the building first. They offer her a translation gem as their end of the wager.

The Bear Claws attack the githyanki stationed at the entrance they chose and wipe them out almost before they can even react. Roland teleported them off a cliff and Jak scattered them like the charging bull he is. The last githyanki taunted Xaladin by calling him a dog and asking him to fetch a rabbit. Xaladin turned him into a rabbit and then ate him.

Inside the Bear Claws found a hallway with stairs. At the top of the stairs they found a room that was once a library but all the books in the room had been piled into the center and then burned, they were nothing now but a pile of ash.

In another room they found many statues of githyanki warriors that had been pulled down and broken in pieces. There were three dead githyanki in the room, clothed in robes and slain by blades.

Xaladin and Roland both felt like they were being watched.

A balustrade guared the edge of the room from a larger room twenty feet below that filled with many bedrolls and a couple of campfires. Around the farthest campfire sat six githyanki laughing and talking with each other.

Jak and James snuck down the stairs and charged the githyanki. They were caught by surprise but quickly recovered stabbing at Jak with their swords. Three githyanki specters rose up behind Roland and Xaladin. “Why do you desecrate our sanctuary,” and they struck at the two surprised Bear Claws. Both of them teleported away and the specters follows Roland who convinced them that the real desecrators were the other githyanki.

Once the githyanki were all dead the spirits returned to their statues to guard the room from further intruders. The Bear Claws opened a door to find nearly 30 githyanki in monks robes chained together in a dark room.

Their leader called himself Talanee and he said that followers of Zetch’r’r were here to “seize the Fane because we have denied him its use.” Talanee said that not all githyanki supported the false Emperor. He also said that the Bear Claws were great friends of the Empire because of the great good they had done this day in setting them free.

Talanee said that he and his people are the Chanhiiri, monks who guard this building and the secrets that it keeps. He tells them also that Zetch’r’r’s soldiers were in the center of the Fane, trying to remove the wards that were put in place there.

Talanee and his monks refuse to be left behind and come with the Bear Claws as they charge through the doors into the center of the building. In the room is a large force sphere, opaque with glowing light. Many githyanki are gathered around the sphere muttering rituals and incantations to try and break it. Across the room the doors burst open and Megan and Freeriders, bloodied but alive, stumble through. Megan sees the room full of githyanki then the Bear Claws on the other side and lets out a battle cry and charges forward with her sword raised.

Jak also rushes in and is immediately surrounded by githyanki, slashing at him with their swords. James lights them all on fire and Xaladin blows them away in the wind. Jak goes down before the githyanki are all dead. The Chanhiiri charge into the room and rush toward the Freeriders to help them with the githyanki that are setting about them. The room is chaos and githyanki fight each other and the Bear Claws and Freeriders finish off the enemies.

Sylen Leafrunner plants an arrow through the eye of the last githyanki and says, “I’m always cleaning up after your mess.”

Exhausted and covered in wounds Megan acknowledges the Bear Claws beat them to the center and gives them her bag of magical stones. They are a set of elemental stones. James sets about healing those wounded.




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