Bear Claws

57. At the Village Inn

Known for their pies.

Characters: Mary, Jalissa, Althaea, Thera, Izera, Kira, Glamor
Level: 17
Location: Village
NPCs: Quick/Qeelak, Kava, Bardan

Mary and her friends struggle through the still frozen mountain pass to reach the village where her parents lived. As they approach through the thick, black forest a dark green, very large dragonborn steps from behind a tree and enquires after their intentions. Behind him is an older female in roves.

The older one, Kira, recognizes Glamor as the last descendent of the rulers of Tu’narath, whom she has sworn to destroy. She is immediately antagonistic toward the group because of Jalissa’s prattle about Bahamut and the tiefling who does nothing but egg her on.

The large dragonborn, Bardan, offers to take them to the new leader of the Village, Qeelak. Kira does not approve but follows along, keeping her eye on Glamor along the way. They pass by Kava’s house — the leader of the Village. She speaks to them briefly and tells Bardan to take them to Qeelak. Kava is the official leader due to being the oldest living person in town.

In the town square Qeelak is leading a group of the local dragonborn in practicing sword forms. He is a stocky and short dragonborn dressed like a paladin of Bahamut. When Bardan interrupts Qeelak wants to know what they are doing there. He is especially welcoming to Glamor until they start asking questions back. He accuses them of being spies and tells Bardan and Kira to take them to Kava’s house until he can finish what he is doing.

At Kava’s house they learn that Qeelak showed up about a month before and told them he had a mission from Bahamut to train them to ambush a party of evil adventurers. They also learn that Nathyra, Mary’s mother, is no there. She has been gone looking for Mary since shortly after Mary’s egg was taken away.

They also learn that Kira and Mary are cousins. Kira still doesn’t believe them. She thinks they are here under some pretense.

The young dragonborn knocks on the door and says that Qeelak is ready for them. As they approach the town square he is rehearsing the descriptions of the members of the party that the dragonborn are being trained to fight with. It is pretty clear that these descriptions are of the Bear Claws.

Qeelak wants to test the Daughters of IO against those he has trained. Mary asks Kira to join in the fight. She agrees but on the other side. The dragonborn square off across form the Daughters of IO and the fight begins. Izera runs into the middle and Kira immediately tries to focus her attacks on Glamor. Althaea summons monsters from the Elemental Chaos and Jalissa shines the light of Bahamut on her friends to keep them alive. Thera and Mary take turns hitting the dragonborn.

The battle only lasts a few seconds. When it is over Mary and Jalissa set about healing those who were injured, on either side.

She asks Qeelak to join and he refuses, claiming he has taken a vow to never be touched. Jalissa knows that there is no such vow among followers of Bahamut and it becomes clear why he has taken the vow a few minutes later when Kava comes up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder. His image shimmers briefly and he turns on her, angry.

Kira notices the shimmer and realizes that Qeelak has been playing some kind of game on them all along. She attacks him and he realizes the game is up. He pulls the helmet off his head and throws it to the ground, changing into a tiefling (Quick — James’s nemesis), carrying daggers at his waist. He grabs Kava and takes her hostage while he pulls a scroll from his pouch.

As he shakes it out demons crawl out of the ground and climb about the Village, setting the thatched houses aflame as others tear about the square, tossing dragonborn around.

Althaea grabs Quick in an icy arcane hand and Thera, after throwing Glamor at him leaps across the square and throws him down with a thigh lock around his head. Kira races over and grinds his face into the mud while he struggles to pull another scroll from his pouch. Jalissa and Mary move about helping the villagers to fend off the demons. Izera helps keep some of the villagers alive using her quick blades and her divine power.

Quick finally gets his scroll out and he disappears but leaves behind a village full of angry villagers that are ready to rebuild as well as do something more active in the world. Thera suggests they start a fighting school and teach themselves to fight.

Bardan likes the suggestion and sounds as if he is thinking about it when they leave.

Mary is upset that she didn’t find her mother but is also, maybe a little relieved. She now knows that her mother didn’t just abandon her, something happened to her — which may or may not be good news.




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