Bear Claws

56. Virizan -- Nationwide Coverage

Even in the feydark.

Characters: Thornside, James, Alton, Roland, Jak
Level: 16
Location: Cachlain’s Court
NPCs: Cachlain, Sovocles

In Cachlain’s throne room Roland scares Sovocles into backing away. Jak comes in and does the same which prompts Sovocles to order Cachlain to attack the Bear Claws.

Thornside sneaks into the doorway to help with the fight and the Bear Claws quickly knock Sovocles back and into the fireplace where they continue to pummel him.

Cachlain, wakened from the stupor that has been put upon him, throws Sovocles into the center of the floor and blinks his large evil eye. The glass floor disappears and those who are standing on it fall into the arena below.

Cachlain shouts at them to fight and kill Sovocles for his betrayal in allying with the Sangwyr against him.

Sovocles body breaks when it hits the crystal floor but rises up in the form of a naga — a giant snake with a human face. He hisses at them. “You have broken my human form but now you will deal with who I really am, Virizan, the Green Exarch of Tiamat.”

Thornside tries to pull Alton to safety while Jak and James deal with the exarch. A group of Eladrin are busy with a captured treant that is chained in place nearby. Alton frees the treant, which by breaking its chains. Roland casts a spell that switches Alton with Cachlain. Thornside, now holding a rope with a twenty-four foot giant on the other end if pulled down into the arena.

Cachlain exchanges some blows with the treant before he teleports back to his throne, knocking Alton back down into the arena.

Meanwhile Virizan has gained control of Jak and forced him to attack James while the treant grabs at nearby creatures with grasping roots and pummels them with his wooden fists.

Virizan has many forms that he shifts into as he moves about the battlefield. A naga form that can strike at a distance with thunder spells, a swarm of snakes that crawl across creatures and bite them with their tiny fangs, a venomous mist that can fly quickly about the battlefield poisoning all it touches and a humanoid form that can move people around with spectral snake coils.

As the Bear Claws fight he shifts between the forms depending on which is more useful. Finally Jak kills the treant, having spent most of the battle either tied down by its roots or mentally dominated. Thornside makes a leap into the pit that surrounds the arena and runs along the wall of the pit to rise up behind Virizan. His shot kills the exarch’s snake swarm form and another shot kills his naga form.

Gravely wounded he threatens the Bear Claws. “I am not the most powerful of my lady’s exarchs. Even if you kill me you can’t kill all of us.”

Roland ends his life once and for all, melting him into a puddle of acid-melted flesh.

After the battle Cachlain takes them all back up to his throne room while the crowd goes wild. The characters succeed in brokering an agreement with Inzira. Cachlain will accept her help with the upstarts Sangwyr and she may use the Seed of Winter until then. Also, in exchange for freeing him of Sovocles/Virizan, Cachlain agrees to stop allowing the githyanki to travel through his portals. He also gives them a map that he found on the body of one of Bram’s guards. The map shows the location of a hidden githyanki outpost in the mountains north of the Elsir Vale.

The Bear Claws return to the natural world and back to Sayre to report to Amyria.




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