Bear Claws

48. A Fitting End... a tea party.

Characters: Jak, James, Alton, Roland, Thornside, Xaladin
Level: 13/14
Location: Sayre
NPCs: Telicanthus, Pennel, Lord Divian Torrence, Baranor the Black, Lady Catherine Torrence, General Taramin, Archdean Isabelle Grimaldi, Amyria, Mary, Buttercup, Althaea, Thera, Jalissa, Members of the Coalition of Rhestilar

The Bear Claws hear Telicanthus’ voice at the entrance to the sunken tower telling them he was disappointed in their misunderstanding and had hoped to be their friends. With a sigh some of his minions roll barrels of burning pitch down into the tower and close the doors. Before the doors close the Bear Claws can see that Emil and Pattie are being held hostage.

Jak, Roland and Thornside bury the fire so the smoke won’t overwhelm them and the others charge out the doors to get Telicanthus.

They find several githyanki hacking at the wooden supports of the tunnel, ready to bring it down. Jak kills one and Alton kills the rest while Telicanthus and Pennel face off with the Bear Claws. Two githyanki haul Emil and Pattie away. When Alton injures one of the githyanki he strikes Emil down. Telicanthus takes control of James and makes him attack Roland, who hits back. Telicanthus then ties Xaladin to himself psychically so that the two of them share damage and healing.

Pattie gets free and cradles Emil’s head in her lap.

Telicanthus finally goes down and the Bear Claws revive Xaladin, who was linked to him. They bring Lord Torrence and his wife down and the two of them understand what is going on but he is stressed about the political repercussions.

Finally they agree to expose Telicanthus as a fraud and reveal what he had been doing. The city doesn’t seem particularly thankful to the Bear Claws but Torrence gives them the mansion as a prize for their aid.

At Bede’s Mary tells them she needs to get to the City of Brass but doesn’t know how to get there. Izera shows up and tells her she will get them to the City, just take her with them.

Alton convinces Buttercup to perform one of her ballads that she wrote. She is embarrassed but agrees. The ballad is the story of Io, father of all dragons and how he fell to the primordial Erek-Hus and how his eldest rose up to take his place.

It is written in draconic so Pattie translates and Emil translates for her into common.

The reception is good and Buttercup comes out of her shell a little.

Pattie tells Alton that she has been thinking of a prophecy given at Emil’s eight day celebration. An old man with a bunch of canaries showed up and made a proclamation. She thinks Malthazard is trying to manifest into the world through Emil.

At the Coalition meeting there is discussion of a githyanki attack at Sherbyrr, home of Inogo Dravitch. Kalad wants Emil to help him lead some dwarves to go help the city. Calliandra offers 1000 elves from the Gloaming Wood to help. They plan on setting out right away.

Inogo wants to parley, he doesn’t want a fight.

Torrence offers to go attempt to parley, to be the voice of the Coalition.

Amyria has a request of the Bear Claws. Her friend Bejam has not received her messages. She fears that the island of Nefelus where he is governor has been neutralized somehow. Quellenna mentions that the island is surrounded by ice, the tropical island governed by powerful mages. Amyria wants the Bear Claws to help her attempt to go there and free the island and bring them into the Coalition.

Fariex the Scalehammer offers to join the Freetraders for a controlling interest in the company and membership in the board.




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