At the very west end of the Elsir Vale, past the Westdeep Woods on the eastern slopes of the Stonehome Mountains lies the city of Overlook.

Overlook was founded and built by dwarves after they threw off the shackles of slavery and chased the giants and orcs west across the Stonehome mountains. While doughty dwarf warriors hold the Watch, the city is far more cosmopolitan and includes peoples of nearly every race and culture known in this corner of the world. Dwarves are still the dominate group, but humans and halflings make up a close second, followed by dragonborn, tieflings, and a smattering of eladrin and elves, and an assortment of other, less familiar, races. Overlook is largely a trading center, and people on both sides of the mountain come to the city to exchange goods, rumors, and information. The city’s numerous markets and bustling streets makes it the ideal place to do business, thus characters in search of a particular tool or device are more likely to find it here than anywhere for miles around. The Council of Elders, a group of five male and female dwarves, governs Overlook.

The dwarves erected steep walls to protect themselves, but as the city outgrew its original protections, the inhabitants raised more walls to encircle the growing population. So far, this has happened four times, giving the city four sets of walls, one inside of the other. The shantytown, the unofficial ninth district, grows beyond the eastern walls and it’s just a matter of time before the Council decides to raise another wall and add those squatters to the rest of the city. The outer walls are 100 feet tall, taller where they travel over higher elevation. Each inner wall stands another 20 feet tall. Overlook has nine districts (eight official), each distinguished by the types of its people there as well as the industry one finds there: Blister, Boneyard, Elftown, Forgeworks, High Hall, Nine Bells, Stonehammer, Tradetown, shantytown (unofficial).


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