Bear Claws

The Bear Claws are a group of adventurers who have made a name for themselves in the Elsir Vale. They teamed up initially to help rescue some citizens from Castle Rivenroar and return them to Brindol.

The Bear Claws take their name from an encounter that they had during their rescue attempt when they were attacked by a Cave Bear and one of their number was killed.

Later the Bear Claws traveled to Overlook and took on a mission to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain where they met Kalad. From their they sealed the Vents and killed Content Not Found: tusk, the Orc leader.

The Bear Claws returned to Overlook and discovered the involvement of Modra as an arms dealer selling weapons to the Orcs. They tracked him down and followed him to the Shadowfell where they entered Umbraforge, killed Modra and destroyed Sarshan’s tower and his mercenary camp.

While investigating Modra and Sarshan in Umbraforge the Bear Claws heard rumors that Sarshan was involved with the Elsir Consortium.

Upon looking into the Elsir Consortium the Bear Claws met the leader of that organization, a dwarf named Bram Ironfell. Bram hired the Bear Claws to venture into the Dunesea to the south to look for the Lost Mines of Karak Ironfell. He promised them great reward but it was a trap. He had arranged for a Naga named Shephatiah to ambush and kill them there. They survived and sought vengeance on Bram, killing him as he tried to flee.

The Lost Ones in Overlook kidnapped Mary and the Bear Claws freed her and her companion, Jalissa. The two of them bore a message that the platinum sword in Brindol had started to speak and asked for the Bear Claws. They traveled to Brindol where the sword told them to take her to an abandoned castle in the Giantshield mountains. There they found gnolls attempting to summon Yeenoghu. The Bear Claws killed the gnolls and performed a ritual that freed the soul trapped in the sword. The woman Amyria emerged, paladin of Bahamut.

On their return to Overlook they found many of their friends were not who they should be. Having been either possessed by distant githyanki or replaced by doppelgangers. The investigation lead them to the Mountainroot Temple where they sealed the portals there to keep the githyanki out. They returned to Overlook to help help with the siege of mercenaries lead by the githyanki general Zithirun.

After killing Zithirun they got word of Sarshan’s whereabouts and headed to Talar where they ventured into the Elemental Chaos and the tower of Djamela where they finally put an end to the mercenary leader who had been causing them so many problems.

When they returned to Overlook an airship crashed into the ground outside the city wall and a githzerai requested aid. The Bear Claws went along to stop the siege of Akma’ad, a githzerai monastery, by the githyanki. From there they ventured to Sayre where they found the githyanki plot was deeper than they ever expected. They helped to found the Coalition of Rhestilar and found evidence that a local noble, Telicanthus, had found an ancient relic that allowed the githyanki to communicate instantly across the planes.

The members of the Bear Claws are:
Anastriana “Ana” — deceased, killed by Cave Bear
Alain — deceased, killed by Modra
Alton Greenhill
Brin — left the Bear Claws after being offered a position as Captain of a patrol outside of Terelton
Hautamaryat “Mary” Firebreath — left the Bear Claws to seek out her past
Jak Gorebeast
Loovat — returned home to take care of his family
Mogran “James”

Bear Claws

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