Akma’ad is a monastery that the githzerai monks built with they abandoned Fortress Greystone in the Giantshome Mountains. They have existed here in peace for decades, keeping to themselves with the occasional trip to Sayre for supplies. The monks studied order and solitude.

When the githyanki began to attack the material plane the attacks began to target other githzerai outposts around the world. The githzerai called a conference to decide what their response should be. The location of the conference was to be Akma’ad — because of its secluded and defendable location.

Kath’ik from the Monastery of Nine Stones, Most Exalted Odos from the House of Reprisal, Wellik the Elder from the Tower of Dancing Flame, Kro’nos the Withered of the Bastion of Unrelenting Agony, Merciful Galinia Procurator of Happenstance from the Library of the World’s Ending, all came to Akma’ad.

Then the githyanki struck. Using inside information from a planted spy the assassin Brann’ot entered the monastery and murdered all but Odos while they slept.

The alarm was raised and he escaped before he could be brought to justice.


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