Eladrin Blood Moon Druid


Xaladin is a druid who spends more time in his wild shape than in his form as an Eladrin. He often appears as a wolf or a panther.


Xaladin joined the Bear Claws after the death of his brother who helped them on a mission to clear the Monastery of the Sundered Chain during the invasion of the Orcs under the command of Tusk.
Xaladin left the Fey wild at a fairly young age (65) after realizing that he simply did not belong. He finds the Eladrin to be mostly arrogant and isolationistic. His connection to nature stems mostly from his disdain for the fragility and pride of humanity rather than an actual attachment to plants and animals. In this sense he does not necessarily prescribe to the same passionate worship of nature and the wild as other druids, he may even be found to occasionally employ tools, weapons, and armor that do not originate from nature (ie metal armor, etc.). After leaving the Fey he was mostly solitary in the wilderness and more or less fell into his class as a druid. He had a falling out with his family but remained close to his twin brother who had lived his life as a devoted Eladrin wizard until he was killed by an orc during the battles under the vents.
Since he joined the Bear Claws he has come to find some darker parts of himself manifested in his willingness to act as judge, jury, and executioner (and often torturer as well). With the recent exploits to fight Sarshan he has become increasingly aware of this dark fault and the power it takes from him, and simultaneously grants him.


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