Dark Creeper weapon's dealer -- deceased


Modra is a Dark Creeper from the Shadowfell. He is short, about the size of a Halfling with a protruding nose and dark gray skin.


Modra went against Sarshan’s orders and struck a deal with Tusk to supply his orcs with Shadar-Kai weapons to help with their siege at Borden’s Watch. Sarshan didn’t want to be involved thinking the deal was too easily traced back to him and he didn’t want his name known outside the Shadowfell yet.

Modra smuggled excess and discarded weapons out of Sarshan’s camp through a portal underneath the Happy Beggar just outside the walls of Overlook. He sold them to Tusk in the hopes that Tusk would be successful in overrunning Overlook and claiming the lands beyond.

When the Bear Claws killed Tusk and put an end to Modra’s plans many of his options fell apart. Sarshan now wanted him dead for going behind his back. The Bear Claws had caught wind of his doings and were looking for him and he had no way to get back to the Shadowfell because the Bear Claws had the only key.

The Bear Claws traced Modra to his Shadowfell gate where he demanded the key from them. When they refused he murdered Alain, one of their party members, somehow expecting that action to motivate the rest of the group to obey him.

Instead they became enraged. Alton melted the existing keys and Brin bludgeoned Modra and took him captive. Modra tried to bargain for his life by offering magical items and gold but the Bear Claws didn’t listen to his pleas.

Later the corrupt Magistrate of Overlook came to claim Modra, setting him free and giving him another copy of the key to Shadowfell gate. Modra fled into the Shadowfell where he is hunted by the Bear Claws, who followed him there, and by Sarshan who wishes him dead for his betrayal.


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