Bram Ironfell

Chair of the Elsir Consortium


Bram is a very wealthy, very influential, very powerful citizen of Overlook. He is the chair of the Elsir Consortium and benefits greatly from the monopoly on trade that the Consortium has leveraged in the Vale.


Bram has been a force in the Elsir Vale for nearly a hundred years. He has built up the Elsir Consortium by crushing any competition into nonexistence. Most recently he has turned his sights to gaining political power as well. In an attempt to seize control he instigated an Orc attack on Bordrin’s Watch, expecting to step in with his resources, save the day and take over control of Overlook. His plans were thwarted by the Bear Claws and he hired them to find his lost mine in order to get rid of them.

When the Bear Claws discovered his treachery they returned to Overlook seeking revenge only to find he had fled.

Bram Ironfell

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