Althaea Windleaf

Petite and intelligent summoning wizard.


Petite blond with a tight braid. Althaea carries a large tome in a leather harness and a pair of spectacles that she puts on when she needs to use it. She frequently gets lost in the technobabble of her trade.


Althaea attended the Eladrin University of Corellon and studied magic there where she learned of her affinity for summoning creatures. She is the oldest daughter of Washburn and is one of the few members of the family accepted in Eladrin society.

Althaea was more kind to Mary than many of the other Eladrin and so Mary calls her Aunt Althaea. Althaea knew Xaladar from the University and is surprised to see Xaladin.

Althaea loves books and creatures and has a familiar that follows her around and acts as her confidant.

She can be hard to listen to because she often knows more about a subject than others want to know.

Althaea Windleaf

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