Bear Claws

6. Where is Tuvok son of Loovat

After taking Mirtala back to Brindol we again made the journey to Rivenroar where we moved methodically through the rest of the dungeon. We encountered the leader of the New Band of the Red Hand and fought in a close scuffle in a tight hallway. On his body we found a note indicating that perhaps his actions were directed by somebody else. There is some higher authority behind all this evil.

We also rescued a teenage girl, Jalissa, and the young buy, Thurann. Jalissa is scared and emotionally traumatized but she responded well to encouragement and healing. I gave her a warpick and told her to help protect Thurann to give her something to do. She seemed to take heart from the challenge and showed great courage. I would like to check on her later and see that she is doing well.

We cleared the entire dungeon of the goblin and undead infestation that seemed to be everywhere. Tuvok was not to be found but a note indicating that he is being held at the Lake northwest of Brindol was found on the body of a wight.

We hastened back to Brindol with their artifacts and children. On the morrow we leave for the lake country.



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