Bear Claws

1. They meet and discover a mutual distaste for goblins

Ana, Mary, and Alton meet at an Inn. Recent incursions by goblins have the town on edge, and the newly formed group decides to band together and discover more. They traveled to the Blue Parrot Inn and find nothing except word of an ambitious youth at the Antler and Thistle who may know more. The group arrives at the Antler and Thistle, finds the youth – Brin – and starts asking around for information. During a rousing conversation with the barkeep, Alton hears screaming and raucous yells from the streets. Goblins attack the Antler and Thistle and the group dispatches them, but not before many good members of the town are murdered. The battle spills out into the streets of Brindol where a troll throws flaming barrels as the group finally manages to defeat him.

In the aftermath, the group notices the symbol of a red hand emblazoned on each of the goblin’s helmets. During battle, a number of goblins were heard to yell, “For Sinruth!” It is assumed that this is a leader of the goblins of some kind.



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