Bear Claws

18. Thornside and The Conspiracy

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Roland, Thornside
Level: 6
Location: Overlook
NPCs: Miranda, Durkik Forgeheart, Brak, Murrik Ironfell, Balasar, Krombastrafina, The Freeriders (Megan Swiftblade, Ragnum Dourstone, Sylen Leafrunner, Ghena Tenson, Madrick), Lost Ones (Szagyn), Kalad, Emil, Aerun

The Bear Claws take advantage of some much needed rest in Overlook. Alton prepares his rituals and researches his book about divine and infernal magics. He meets an acolyte of Avandra named Miranda. Alton says he has some questions for her and she offers to stop by the Belden’s Rest the next afternoon to speak with him.

James goes to the temple of Moradin to talk to Brak about runes and the uses of them. Brak shows him a new theory he is working on to build runes that exist as tattoos that imbue magical power into the individual. He tries one out on James. On the way out of the temple Murrik, a disgruntled dwarf shouts at James and accuses him of tainting the temple of Moradin.

Jak hangs out in the forest, getting to know his bear better and sharing food with it. While there he meets Thornside, a young elf who lives there. During their discussion Thornside mentions he might be able to get them a better price on some of their gems. Jak takes him back to town to meet the rest of the Bear Claws.

Roland buys some new clothes, and spends some time talking with the rest of the group, getting to know them and trying to instill trust and friendship.

When Jak and Thornside return they find the rest of the Bear Claws eating dinner in the Belden’s Rest dining room. They also find two Gorebeast minotaurs sitting at a different table. Roland approaches them to see how they react to hearing about Jak but they seem completely uninterested in talking about Jak. They insist that he is not a Minotaur. Thornside steals a medallion from one of them that has a marking that represents Asmodeus. Jak comes over and antagonizes them further. They choose to ignore him, pretending that he doesn’t exist.

Reniss comes in, she wants the Bear Claws to help her track down information about the warehouses Sarshan was using in Overlook. She knows that they are owned by the Elsir Consortium but she can’t seem to find anything else.

They agree to meet in two hours, just enough time for Thornside to take Roland and Jak to trade their gems for a higher price than street value.

He leads them to a shady gambling hall in the Blister where they meet a dragonborn named Balasar. There is some haggling and Balasar ends up buying the gems for 30% above market value.

The Bear Claws meet Reniss and on the way to the warehouse district they encounter a fight between the Freeriders and the Lost Ones. The Lost Ones leader is threatening the Freeriders. “This is our town, and we want you out of it.”

The Bear Claws charge in, literally, and in a very short time the Lost Ones have surrendered. The Bear Claws threaten them back. “Overlook is protected.”

Megan, leader of the Freeriders, tells them that her group recently intercepted and destroyed a shipment of chaos ore infused weapons and traced them back to Overlook. She knows they came from the the same warehouses that the Bear Claws are headed to investigate. She also tells them to check with Haelyn in the Shrine of Erathis in Tradetown. She knows everything that comes and goes in Overlook.

When they near the warehouses Alton picks up on the chaos energy in the weapons and is able to lead them to the warehouse. Roland senses a lot of chaotic energy inside. Thornside picks the lock and they enter. Alton casts a ritual to warn them if somebody comes in behind them and Thornside leaves a powerful glue on the floor near the entrance to catch anybody coming in.

On a desk there are papers detailing shipments to a Fortress Graystone. Thornside steals a short sword form the pile of chaos ore weapons. Roland senses a link to the Elemental Chaos from the weapons. He also sees a vision of a powerful Githzerai fortress built in the eastern mountains of the Elsir Vale. Alton and James remember that Graystone was the name of a ruin in those mountains.

The Bear Claws decide to come back the next day and put tracking powder on the shipping papers so they can discover who owns the warehouse. On their way back to the Belden’s Rest they encounter Kalad and Emil going to investigate a disturbance in the area. Emil is really excited to see Alton. He is training to be a Paladin for Moradin. He feels sure that he will be ready to protect his family in a couple of months. Kalad won’t let him use weapons because he hits the wrong people in practice and he chose a holy symbol of Avandra even though he is a Paladin of Moradin. Kalad doesn’t think there is much hope.

Emil is very excited about Roland and Jak and asks them to teach him how to be scary.

Aerun comes and greets them warmly. He is in a good mood and seems happy until they mention the Lost Ones. He promises to send Thornside a gift. He has a new bow for him to use.

The Bear Claws return to the Belden’s Rest where Brin is waiting for them. He has accepted a job as Captain of a patrol squad based out of Terelton.



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