Bear Claws

12. This is how I died...

This is how I died.

Kalad instructed us that in order to seal the vents we must fill the Nexus with boiling water. We found a strange shadow creature helping the orcs in the boiler room. We made quick work of them and opened the pipes to flood the Nexus.

Inside the Nexus we found Tusk and a Shadow Warlock. Alain was thrown from a height attempting to climb to the control panel that would flood the chamber. He nearly died but survived.

The rest of us attempted to fight our way to the top. The warlock came close on the upper platform and I hooked a grappling hook around her leg and tried to pull her off. When she didn’t move I stepped off the ledge. She fell on top of me. I held her down and broke her hand, forcing her to call off the orcs. She laughed, threw me aside and attacked. I fled, trying to regroup with my comrades but she caught me and darkness descended.

I found myself in the presence of Something dark and terrible. Incessant whispers plagued my mind and I plead with Avandra for solace and safety. For the first time since I spoke my vows she did not answer my prayers. I suffered alone.

I awoke a week later amidst revelry and celebration that somehow seems hollow to me. My companions killed Tusk and the Warlock and saved Overlook and the lands beyond. I feel drained and used. The shadow creature claimed one of my fingers as trophy and I find my grip is weaker at its loss.

May Avandra give me strength to stand against whatever future is coming.

I fear I no longer have the courage to act on my own.



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