Bear Claws

32. They've Got a Cave Troll

In the Dungeon

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Thornside, Xaladin
Level: 9
Location: Mountainroot Temple

The Bear Claws move into the Cathedral of the Mountainroot Temple. It is a giant room that is larger than many of the castles they have seen. With a towering ceiling and long sloping ramps there are entire fortresses that could be built inside it.

They see several fey creatures hiding in the room and one, a feydark dwarf approaches them. They tell him they are looking for Hethralga and he starts to talk to them but just then there is a pounding on the door at the far end of the chamber and a large two-headed troll lumbers in.

Thinking they are betrayed the fey creatures attack the Bear Claws and the Trolls. The Bear Claws quickly persuade the party that they are there to help and they should team up against the trolls. The fight is long and bloody leaving many wounds and many of the fey quicklings dead.

Finding themselves too exhausted to continue they move back to the living chambers and set up a camp to rest. After about six hours Xaladin — who is taking watch — wakes them and they head off into the shattered barracks to confront Hethralga.

Hethralga is surrounded by Cyclops guards and carrying a large pack on her back. Xaladin, James and Jak approach her, Xaladin in the form of a Cyclops. They convince her they are there to help, and she offers to give them the Incanabulum Primeval as advance payment if they can free the Caretaker and let her get home.

As they are talking an earthquake starts and the ceiling begins to crumble. The Bear Claws flee, shoring up the falling rock behind them with arcane and natural magics. When the quake stops the barracks are sealed and inaccessible, many more of Hethralgas helpers are dead but the Bear Claws are safe.



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