Bear Claws

39. The Wrath of Dragons

Characters: Roland, Jak, James, Thornside, Alton
Level: 11
Location: Elemental Chaos, Under the World Tree
NPCs: Emil, Pattie

The Bear Claws continue to explore the caves that Sarshan fled into. They encounter a room with a bookcase, a weapon rack and a table with a treasure chest. There is also a painting of chaos energy that makes those looking at it a little queasy.

Roland looks at the picture and finds himself in an alternate, mirror dimension. He passes back through easily enough. Jak picks up a weapon from the rack and finds that he can’t put it down, his hands will not let go. James figures out that the weapons in the rack are cursed and begins a ritual to remove the weapon from Jak’s hand.

Alton picks a book from the bookcase and the bookcase swivels around, locking him inside a closet on the other side of the wall.

Thornside sees the unlocked chest on the table and recognizes it as a mimic. Jak sees Alton disappear and helps pry the wall open so he can get out. Thornside tries to take a cursed dagger by throwing his cloak over it. It gets stuck to his hand.

Emil, intrigued by the mimic, tries to open it. It bites him and Thornside, Alton and Roland all unleash on it, killing it. Thornside uses the dead mimic to take another dagger from the weapon rack.

James begins the ritual to remove the first dagger from Thornside’s hand while they continue to explore.

Moving further through the caves the Bear Claws encounter a rear guard that Sarshan left behind. They tell the Bear Claws that he instructed them to make a line with the pillars to get out. They don’t know what the pillar are.

Jak tries the adamant one door blocking the northern exit which triggers odd shaped pillars to begin falling at random into the room. The Bear Claws quickly realize that they can slide the pillars and interlock them until they make a line.

When they do the pillars fade away and an image of an old man appears. He repeats a riddle about a salt shelf and a key that floats. The Bear Claws recognize the entrance room to the cavern being mentioned in the riddle. They head toward the entrance, passing through a shorter route that Sarshan’s guards tell them about.

On the way they enter a room with a raging river running across it and a slick rope bridge. Jak passes across safely but when James follows the bridge breaks and James is washed away under a stone shelf.

He finds himself in a pool under the pit-filled entry room, a large wooden key floating in an eddy current nearby and a sucking whirlpool near a small crystal shelf.

Jak runs to the room with the crystal floor and begins smashing it. James yells at him to stop.

Roland turns back and makes his way to the crystal-floored room the way they first came. Alton casts his Tenser’s Floating Disk and he, Emil, Pattie and Thornside ride it across the river and down the passage to the entry room just in time to see James climbing out of one of the pits with the wooden key stuck into a pouch in his armor.

They return to the adamantine door and open it. On the other side is a long corridor filled with boulders, running perpendicular to the direction they want to go. As they start across the hallway the gravity shifts and they begin to fall toward one of the distant ends. Jak catches a boulder, Alton grabs hold of Jak and Roland lands on the boulder next to them. Using a rope they climb to the exit and Jak and James stretch a rope across the span so the others can cross.

The passage slopes up slowly but feels steeper and steeper until they have climb along it. Finally they climb out into sunshine, the cave entrance a portal on a platform high in an enormous tree that is floating in a lake of Blood Chaos. As they start to descend two green dragons rise up from the other side of the island.


They attack the Bear Claws but quickly find themselves outmatched as Alton opens up with a giant burst of energy.

The Bear Claws dispatch them quickly with one final blast from Roland who delivers the final blow to both of them in one shot.



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