Bear Claws

30. The World is a Mess

And I just need to rule it.

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Thornside, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 8
Location: Overlook
NPCs: Miranda, Aerun, Kalad, Emil, Brak, Megan Swiftblade, Sylen Leafrunner, Ancestor Karros, Murrik Ironfell, Ruth and Rory Teng, Lavinya
The Bear Claws have a discussion with Amyria about religion and Bahamut and philosophy. Alton has some ideas that confuse her because she is not philosophical. She tells Jak she has seen his weapon before, it was once wielded by a great warrior of Arkhosia.

Upon entering the city the Bear Claws meet Emil, practicing his intimidation techniques. Roland gives him some pointers on bluffing which he is a little confused about.

Amyria heads for the temple of Bahamut.

Roland, Xaladin and Thornside go to Rufus’ tower to sell him their gnoll bodies. He pays them and shows them the progress he has made on the table he promised them.

Jak goes to speak with Aerun and he finds Aerun acting strange. James has the same experience with Brak only he can tell that the person he is talking to is not Brak but is a doppelgänger.

Alton speaks to Ruth and she asks for advice on how to host a half long wedding, Emil has asked her and Rory to host. While they talk food choices the rest of the group returns. Thornside’s bag begins moving and he rushes to his room and dumps it out. There he finds a hatched baby harpy. Xaladin comes in and tells him about how harpies are hatched, and what they eat. Jak tries to take away the bag of holding but Thornside takes his bag, his harpy and flees through the window.

Thornside goes to Aerun to ask for advice but Aerun doesn’t seem to know who he is or listen to his complaints.

Meanwhile, Lavinya, priestess of Erathis comes and wishes to speak privately with the Bear Claws. She tells them her friend Haelyn has disappeared and she is suspicious. She has noticed that all the clergy is acting strange.

At this news Alton, Jak and Roland run out the door.

James and Xaladin listen to the rest of what Lavinya has to say. She thinks something is wrong in Overlook and wants the Bear Claws to look into it.

At the temple of Avandra Alton approaches Miranda, who doesn’t seem to know him. She acts different and doesn’t seem interested in any of the philosophical discussions her and Alton have had in the past. Alton senses another presence from her.

Back at the inn the Bear Claws discuss a plan. Thornside goes to Brak’s apartment to look for clues about how to find him. James and Jak go this office at the temple in hopes of finding him. Alton, Roland and Xaladin go to the old Temple of Moradin in the Nine Bells to see if he is there.

Thornside finds an empty apartment and a crumpled note about a prisoner that won’t talk.

James and Jak search Brak’s office but find nothing amiss. A priest tells them he went to check on the status of the update to the old temple I the Nine Bells.

Alton, Roland and Xaladin encounter Megan and Sylen guarding the door to the old temple. An angry worker shouts invective at them and mentions that he thinks they murdered his uncle Bram. There is a brief scuffle and Ancestor Karros breaks it up and tells them that Brak already left, but that he meets Aerun each night.

The Bear Claws decide to go to Aerun’s office at the Hall of Justice to confront their two friends about their weird behavior. They get there to find Aerun already gone but the receptionist says they can catch him if they hurry out the side entrance.

They follow Aerun across town to the Pig and Bucket. Roland and Alton go inside and overhear Aerun and Brak discussing a prisoner that won’t talk. Aerun insists on doing some questioning himself and the two leave.

The Bear Claws follow them to a warehouse and charge inside after them. A fight ensues and the Bear Claws quickly subdue those inside. Thornside shoots Aerun and knocks him through a window where he falls twenty feet, dead on impact. The Brak doppelgänger and Miranda are knocked unconscious so the Bear Claws can question them later.



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