Bear Claws

34. The Nine Bells is Burning

Characters: Roland, Jak, James, Thornside, Xaladin, Alton
Level: 10
Location: Overlook
NPCs: Brak, Kalad, Emil, Rufus, Mary, Jalissa, Glorin, General Zithiruun


The Bear Claws sit down with Brak and take an opportunity to look at the Incanabulum Primeval. They find that it is written as a very intricate illuminated manuscript in the dwarven language. When James tries to read it he find it to be gibberish. They also notice that the letters change when you look away so that it is hard to find interpret what it says.

Brak tells them it will in the Stone Anvil if they ever want to look at it again. He also tells them the method for reading it is a closely held secret of the priesthood of Moradin.

The next morning the Bear Claws are wakened by the sounds of large boulders pummeling the walls of Overlook. They are summoned to the council chambers where they immediately are pulled into helping with the organization and operations of the siege.

Not long after it starts reports start coming in of a near-breach in the outer wall, the Nine Bells district being on fire and Councillor Itrika Mountainhome is missing.

Elder Caddrick tells them they might be better used in the field.

The Bear Claws hurry to the weakening portion of wall to find a group of trolls breaking through a breach. The Bear Claws fight back the trolls just in time for Brak to lead a squad of Clerics who blast the mercenaries outside with fire while masons reassemble the fortifications of the breached wall.

The Bear Claws then rush to the Nine Bells district where they find a Berbalang that has split into two different aspects and is dropping fire bombs on the buildings while also flying mercenary troops over the walls to drop them into Overlook.

The Bear Claws fight off the mercenaries, lead people to safety, put out the fires and bring down both aspects of the demon Berbalang.

They get a sending from Elder Caddrick telling them where Councillor Mountainhome’s house was, asking them to look for her since she is the Minister of Defense for the City.

The find the entire neighborhood destroyed by a boulder from a catapult and set into the burning rubble to rescue the trapped Councillor. They dig through the rubble, and succeed at rescuing Councillor Mountainhome.

Throughout the day the Bear Claws have seen many of the people they know fighting the siege of the Lost Ones in the city. They see Glorin and Megan leading a group of dwarves fighting mercenaries soldiers. They see Emil and Kalad leading guardsmen who are rounding up Lost Ones that are burning buildings.

They see Rufus and his zombies building some kind of contraption to generate a forcefield.

They see Mary and Jalissa, returning from the feywild with two Eladrin who immediately leap into the fray to help defend the city.

They see Amyria, standing atop the wall sweeping infiltrators off the wall with great swinging blows of her sword.

Jak joins the city guard to lead a push in the fiercest part of the fighting.

James joins Glorin and the Freeriders to systematically hunt down all the Lost Ones in the city who are causing problems within.

Roland climbs atop the wall to hurl spells of destruction at the mercenaries without. From his vantage point he can see a dragon with a rider swooping high above the mercenary army.

Alton joins the masons and clerics at the breach in the wall to discuss arcane and divine methods for strengthening the fortifications.

Xaladin turns into a dire wolf and carries Thornside on his back as they tear through the streets of the city shooting and mauling any mercenaries of Lost Ones they see.

As dusk comes Rufus’s shield finally takes hold, pushing the mercenaries away from the city, at least for now.

James goes to Brak and expresses a desire to become a cleric of Moradin.

Alton checks on the temple of Avandra to make sure it’s okay, he cleans it up a little to make it seem less neglected.

Xaladin asks Brak about Cachlain but Brak knows nothing about him.

They rest and are awoken the next morning with Brak teling the Bear Claws that they have lost all communication with Caer Overlook. The messenger they send have not returned and there is no word from the Council. He is leading a group to the Dwarf Gate to deal with a breach there and wants the Bear Claws to check on Caer Overlook.

As they approach the keep the find a street littered with dead guards, some of them look as though they had been dead for weeks. In the midst of the bodies are three dragonborn and a giant fire drake. Beyond them they can see a large army of mercenaries, Kalad and Emil fighting them with more city guards and dwarf civilians. Down another street they can see Rufus fighting an army of mercenaries by bringing back dead mercenaries to fight for him.

An undead dragon lands on the corner of a building. The rider throws off his hood to reveal a Githyanki. He says, “General Zithiruun claims Overlook for the Emperor Zetch’r’r of the Githyanki Empire,” his voice booming in an unnatural volume that can be heard in the entire city.

He leaps from the dragon’s back and flies in front of his dragonborn before he drops to the ground in a puff of dust. He draws two silver swords from his back while he turns to face the Bear Claws.



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