Bear Claws

13. Shadows and Solitude

I am very confused. The priest of Avandra tells me to remain faithful. He says Avandra left me because I was not faithful enough. In what way have I been faithless? I have always sought to further the precepts of my faith. I value freedom and luck and try to help others recognize their independence wherever I go. How have I offended my god?

I find I am also uncomfortable with others. I desire solitude and the jovial nature of my friends leaves me chafing.

My friends were attacked by some hired thugs. They captured one who seemed to know little. When speaking to the magistrate Alain, Alton and Brin came with information they had gathered. I suggested using this information to set up an operation to capture Modra, the apparent leader of the Dark Ones responsible for the Orc attacks. The Magistrate didn’t seem interested. He told us to follow our leads instead.

James and Xaladin were fined for torturing their prisoner. James became angry and assaulted the Magistrate. He spent the rest of the time in a cell.

One of the leads we were given by Reniss, sister of Jen of the Farstriders, was to look for Modra in the Happy Beggar. In the Happy Beggar I spoke with an old man named Brenat. He claimed to have knowledge about Modra but said he hadn’t been seen in years. When he left one of the workers told me he had been asking those same question just before we arrived.

Motioning to my comrades I pursued. They must have discovered some other clues because only Reniss followed. Brenat proved altogether too spry for his apparent age and managed to elude us by use of carefully placed ruffians.

As darkness approached a small mouse brought me a message from Xaladin. “Return to the cellar.”

I asked Reniss to keep looking for the elusive Brenat and returned to the Happy Beggar to join my comrades.

This anger and carelessness do not seem like me. I feel my death has made me more focused and driven to find answers. Also, I am less patient. After my failed attempt to find Brenat, a man I should easily have smelled if not outrun at a walk, I feel a burning need to smash things.

On my way back to the Happy Beggar I will stop at the prison and try once more to bargain for James’ release.



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