Bear Claws

16. Sarshan or Modra

Justice or Revenge

Characters:Alton, Jak, James, Xaladin
Level: 4/5
Location: Umbraforge, Shadowfell
NPCs: Pug, Leena, Modra

The Bear Claws head to the Umbraforge market to look for information about Modra. While there Alton and James find a book seller who has some magical books with rituals. They purchase a few and Alton finds a treatise on the differences between divine and infernal magics that he buys from the shopkeeper.

While they peruse the rituals Xaladin and Jak wander around looking for Modra until Jak stops in surprise. A few stalls down is a large black Minotaur that he doesn’t know who is wearing the Gorebeast clan medallion. Jak is worried because he was exiled from his clan for being unwilling to slaughter innocents. When the Minotaur approaches Jak finds out he is Pug, Jak’s older brother who was exiled for being too cruel.

Pug welcome Jak, thinking he is one of Sarshan’s mercenaries. He tells them that he works for Sarshan’s employers as part of a group gathering in force across the planes. He and a Tiefling named Quick are the local generals overseeing Sarshan’s efforts.

He tells Jak he would like him to go to one of the training grounds and fight with some of the mercenaries there to teach them a few things since they are rusty.

The Bear Claws oblige and soon find themselves in a fight with a group of ogres. The group doesn’t present much of a problem to the Bear Claws who deal with them quickly. A crowd gathers and cheers them on. Among the crowd is a Shadar-Kai witch who watches their performance. After the fight they are given gold for their winners portion of the betting proceeds and the witch approaches them. Her name is Leena and she was an assistant to Modra.

Leena knows Modra’s plan to blow up the foundry and she knows a secret way into the foundry. If the Bear Claws will go in and kill Modra she will show them how to get in.

The Bear Claws agree and go to meet her late that night. When they enter the foundry Modra tries to make a deal. He will plant the charges and they can sneak into the tower to get Sarshan, who is planning an invasion of Overlook. When the Bear Claws try to make him go with them he turns and breaks open one of the mutation vats in the foundry, revealing a huge two headed boar.

Jak and James mop up Modra’s goblin followers while Alton goes toe to toe with Modra himself. Xaladin shifts into beast form and helps take out the Boar and archers. Jak gets pushed into the flowing lava in the foundry before coming out and facing off with the giant boar. Alton burns Modra’s face off and they set his timer so the foundry will explode in fifteen minutes.

Making their way along the secret passage to the tower they discover a secret shrine to the Raven Queen that contains some treasure and heals them of all their wounds.



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