Bear Claws

3. Rescued Zerriksa and Adronsius

We broke through the dungeons beneath Rivenroar and encountered a large room filled with poisonous mushrooms where we fought off two large drakes. Beyond that room we found Zerriksa — the alchemist from Brindol who many believe has dark powers. Brin is convinced of this despite her obvious trauma.

To the left of the entryway we passed down a long corridor into a room full of swarms of drake lizards that had a vicious bite and proved difficult to destroy. Being careful to avoid the giant rune in the center of room we found a chamber beyond where the dwarf Adronsius was being held. We set him free and he told us that he can describe the route to where Jalissa is being held. His descriptions proved most unuseful because he was blindfolded at the time and could only describe rooms by the sounds and smells he experienced in them.



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