Bear Claws

7. Rescue Tuvok

After the feast a group of villagers brought in a dead goblin. In its flesh was carved the words “Bear Claws.” On the person of the body was a message in cipher that we were able to read only a name and a town, Feldor and Nimon Gap. We borrowed horses from the townspeople of Brindol and rode as fast as they could carry us to Nimon Gap. Once there Alton and James set up in the inn eating mutton and drinking wine while asking questions about Feldor.

Loovat and I, too anxious to sit still, sought out the merchant houses, nocking on doors and waking up merchants to inquire about Feldor. We found a cloth merchant who said Feldor was his employee but that Feldor wouldn’t be available until morning. Unwilling to give up we sought out places he might be hiding but had no luck until dawn when we approached the merchant again. When Feldor saw us he started to run and we gave chase, finally catching him after Alton slid under a passing cart and tangled in his legs. We questioned him and he claimed to have been influenced by bad companions and in over his head. Alton took pity on him, seeming to understand the feeling. I wanted to tie him up and take him to Skull Gorge with us but Alton turned him over to the merchant with some stern words to look out for him and give him another chance.

I still feel like it is a mistake.

We rode to skull gorge and found the hobgoblin, Krundar Thornblade, that Feldor told us about, alone in the tavern. We spoke to him but he became belligerent until we could take his sniveling pride no longer. He fled from our fury and we followed him to the northern shore of the lake. From there we crossed the lake on a small boat to a large island. Zombies and ghouls attacked us from the depths of the water. Brin was nearly drowned and James was able to simply wade around in the water because of his height.

On the island we found a small room guarded by Krundar, who made the mistake of calling Alton a little man one too many times. He died burning. In the room was a portal that took us to a large room with an altar where Tuvok lay, part of a sacrifice to Vecna. Loovat jumped across the room to save his son while James, Brin, Alton and I attacked the priest and his minions of undead.
The priest died when Brin knocked him down and Alton lit him on fire. James saved my life when the priest transformed into some kind of hideous, necrotic creature that nearly killed me.

Tuvok is safe with his father. Now we must return the horses we have borrowed from Brindol and check on Feldor on the way home.



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