Bear Claws

8. Orcs

The Siege at Bordrin's Watch

Loovat has taken time off to be with his son. In his stead Alain has joined our party.

We were recruited to help defend Bordrin’s Watch from the invading hordes of Orcs. We travelled to Overlook, stopping to check on a helpless old farmer on the way. In Overlook I saw other Dragonborn. They seem very proud and sure. I wish to speak to them but don’t know what to say, finding no commonality. News of Orcs makes me worry for the clerics in the temple of Avandra. Are they safe?

We found a letter from a demon written to Alton. He tells me the demon is the one he made a pact with to avenge his village. He feels confident he can take care of it. I trust him.

We journeyed deep into the mountains to warn the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. When we arrived we found Orcs feasting on the flesh of the priests. We scaled the wall and vanquished them, burying the charred remains. Inside the Monastery is blood, gore and feces. Under the desecrated altar to Moradin is a stairway. We go down, the Orcs must pay for these crimes.



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