Bear Claws

19. Share the Lode

Mission from Bram

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Xaladin, Thornside
Level: 6
Location: Overlook, The Thornwaste
NPCs: (Whispers) Miranda, Brak, Bram Ironfell, Balasar, Aerun, Ruth and Rory Teng, Haelyn, Glorin Hammerfist

Thornside spent his time in the morning brewing up some tracking dust to use on the papers found in the warehouse. Meanwhile James and Alton settled down to a discussion of tastes in breakfast foods over breakfast.

Jak went to Elftown to stake out the warehouse and found it bustling with activity. Captain Aerun saw him and came over to talk. He mentioned that an intruder alarm had gone off at the warehouse and a private security firm was sent to check on it. The guards found themselves glued to the floor in the entrance and when the city guard found them they investigated the rest of the warehouse and found the chaos blood metal weapons inside. Now they are going through all the warehouses looking for more information and are contacting Bram Ironfell, the owner of the warehouse.

Jak returns to the Belden’s Rest to tell the others what happened. Xaladin drops by to check on his friends and he and Thornside are reacquainted.

(Whispers) Miranda drops by and tells Alton that she can’t come this afternoon but she has time right then, if he wants to talk. Alton asks her about Avandra and how divine power works along with arcane. She isn’t a scholar but she knows Avandra and knows that the important thing is freedom and adventure. Those are Avandra’s main tenets.

While they are talking James and Xaladin go to the Shrine of Erathis to talk to Haelyn. Haelyn is in an argument with somebody from the temple of Erathis who is accusing her of stealing worshippers. The other woman leaves and Healyn tries to answer their questions. She tells them that she knows the chaos ore weapons have been coming from somewhere south of the Thornwastes. She also tells them that Bram is probably the most powerful person in Overlook, right now. The Ironfell clan is the wealthiest of all the clans.

She gives them fresh baked cookies and invites them to come back any time.

Jak and Thornside go to try to talk to Bram Ironfell. They buy Jak some fancy duds™ and knock on his door. His gruff butler rebuffs them and tells them they can’t talk to Bram. Thornside notices that the dwarf is holding a book on birds and engages him in a conversation about bird watching. He succeeds in winning over the butler and he lets on that they can’t see Bram because he isn’t there.

Back at the Belden’s Rest Ruth talks to Alton about the different ways in which he and James enjoy their food. She gives him a letter that has been delivered for the Bear Claws. Inside is an invitation from Bram to meet them at Lena’s the next evening to discuss something that would be of benefit to the Elsir Vale.

That night Thornside tries to sneak into a house in Elftown to steal some things. He finds some hand-painted playing cards and an intricately carved jade statue of a Gith riding a dragon.

The next day Thornside and Xaladin go to Balasar to sell his stuff. Balasar offers market price for the cards but when he sees the statue he becomes suspicious. He offers 400 gold for the statue and the name of the person who got the statue. He and his friend are the only two people who have this statue. Thornside tells him the truth, expecting to get the 400 gold. Balasar gives him back his cards, keeps the statue and kicks him out, telling him never to return.

The next day they attend their dinner with Bram at Lena’s.

Bram starts when he sees Xaladin and asks him about twins in Eladrin society. Among dwarves twins are very rare and are seen as signs, usually of bad luck. He is curious if the same is true of Eladrin. He mentions that Xaladar worked for him.

Jak and James complain about the portion size but Alton revels in the fine food and delicate morsels of a twenty one course dinner. During the dinner Bram explains that hundreds of years ago the Ironfell clan became wealthy when they discovered the Karak Lode, a mine filled with platinum and aluminum and gold.

The location was kept secret through many layers of obfuscation. Then one day the mine went silent. Nobody ever heard from them again and nobody alive knew how to find it.

Inside the warehouse that was raided the previous day was found a sheaf of papers that Bram feels is Karak’s notes about the location of the lost mine. He wishes to pay the Bear Claws to go find it, vowing that the wealth will be of great benefit to Overlook and the lands round about.

The Bear Claws accept the offer with a healthy payment and Bram gives Xaladin some magical bracers and some boots for his friend Roland.

Leaving the next morning to follow the path detailed in the papers the Bear Claws take a wagon and their horses and travel through the Westdeep and into the Thornwaste. The first day in the Thornwaste they get in some arguments about the nature of the thorns but Alton blows them away enough to make a path. They spend one night in the Thornwaste and the next morning fail spectacularly at making their horses feel better after the scratches and stony ground they have been forced to trod.

As the Bear Claws leave the Thornwaste they encounter a dwarf woman with flaming red hair standing on a large boulder. She tells them to get out of Hammerfist lands. The Bear Claws refuse and she orders an attack from her crossbowmen that are hiding in the trees. The Bear Claws quickly deal with most of the dwarves until the woman surrenders and asks for a parley. She tells them she is Glorin Hammerfist and that the Karak Lode belongs to her.

She knows the Bear Claws are on a mission from Bram and wants to be told if they find the mine. She also wants them to destroy it if it contains chaos ore — something she suspects because the local rumors are that the mine closed because everybody in it went mad and killed each other.

When asked how she knows this she admits that the Hammerfists own Lena’s, through a shadow company that nobody knows in affiliated with them.

She offers another healthy sum if the Bear Claws will destroy the mine if it contains chaos ore and tell her the location if it does not. Deciding that this doesn’t directly violate their agreement with Bram the Bear Claws take her money and agree to the terms.

They ask if there is a place to eat in Dunesend and she tells them that there is a tea house owned by Old Bede that they should check out, though it isn’t much.



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