Bear Claws

2. Loovat and Brin also hate goblins

The Bear Claws are official

Returning to the Antler and Thistle, the barkeep/owner buys drinks and thanks the group heartily. A half-elf wizard is impressed with the determination of the group, introduces himself as Loovat and explains that his son was recently kidnapped by goblins. If the group is going after goblins, he wants in. Brin, having proved himself level headed in battle, is also allowed to join.

A messenger from Ephram Troyas (a half-elf council member of Brindol) wants to see the group. They have little choice, and they follow the messenger to the meeting. Ephram tells them Brindol needs a team to go rescue the people captured by the goblins, as well as a number of important artifacts: ornate dragon helm, platinum longsword, three shields with a red hand, iron gauntlets, and a battle standard. These artifacts were stolen from the Hall of Great Valor. The group finally convinces Ephram Troyas that their lives are worthy of sacrifice in effort to return the hostages and artifacts. They are told the goblins are believed to be in the catacombs beneath old Castle Rivenroar which is rumored to be filled with undead horrors. The group is given a map to the castle, and departs.

They stop on the way out of town to question a captured hobgoblin. They find little useful from him, but have more information regarding the Red Hands, and their leader, Sinruth. The group leaves Brindol, perhaps for the last time, and travels onward to Castle Rivenroar.

On the way thereā€¦ nothing to see here.

After a number of days, the Bear Claws find Castle Rivenroar, enters the catacombs and clears two rooms of hobgoblins and an archer, but not before the last goblin archer escapes.



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