Bear Claws

15. Into Shadow

For revenge

The Bear Claws burned Alain’s body and sent his magical items to Loovat, as per his request. Mary invited the entire group to an Avandra worship service to be held later that night. Jak arrived in the city to find Roland waiting for him at the gate, having expected him. They meet a drunk dwarf who gives them a small granite carving of a bear.

Xaladin and James go to watch the city Magistrate. They witness him having what looks like a shady deal with somebody. Xaladin also sees a band of Eladrin adventurers who taunt him for being a druid and bestial (he was in his beast form at the time). A young halfling named Emil meets Alton and asks for his advice, he is a tinker and is upset that orcs attacked his caravan and he wants to find a way to protect his family. He is hoping Alton can teach him to be a Warlock. Alton recommends him to the temple of Moradin and tells him to seek aid there. Roland sees a vision of a shadowed camp and a tower that are split with a river of flame.

Mary brings two dwarf paladins to watch the prisoner, Modra (who killed Alain and was responsible for the recent deaths of the Farstriders and the orc attacks at Bordrin’s Watch). Kalad, whom the PCs know from the Vents and Brak who is James’ friend from the temple of Moradin. Brak tells James to come see him some time, he has an experiment with runes that he wants to show him — something he’s been working on.

On the way to the party the group is surrounded by Lost Ones who threaten the Bear Claws and tell them to get out of Overlook.James scares them off and Jak and Roland, passing nearby come to see what the commotion is about.

At the party James gets drunk and does a lot of dancing. Brin and Roland do some gambling with the dwarves. Mary tells the party that she is leaving to seek information about her past. She wants to find her own kind.

A bear attacks and Jak uses the granite statue to bond it to him so that it will come whenever it is summoned.

Brak runs up tellling the PC’s that the magistrate came and took Modra away. The PCs run to follow and are just in time to see the magistrate let Modra go. James, Brin and Xaladin rough up the magistrate and find a brass key to the Shadowfell gate that is in the room beneath the Happy Beggar. The other PCs follow Modra to the Happy Beggar. Everybody arrives beneath the Happy Beggar in time to see Modra slip through the portal into the Shadowfell.

There is much discussion about stuffing the Magistrate into a box and/or torturing him but there isn’t enough time, since Modra is the one that killed Alain and is getting away the PCs open the portal and step through.

On the other side they find a war camp that is filled with tents and buildings. There is also a volcano spewing lava that runs like a river down the middle of the camp. There is also a tower and a large square building near it. The PCs are mistaken for mercenaries by the guards and told not to leave the war camp again or they will be punished. They try to question the Magistrate, who they brought with them. He tells them that the lava comes from the Elemental Chaos and the local lord, Sarshan, is using it to make some kind of monsters. He also hints that there is more to what is going on here but he doesn’t know any more than that. He mentions that the Elsir Consortium might be involved in some of Sarshan’s plans. When James asks for his money back he mentions that he has money in an account here in the Shadowfell that he can give them if they will let him go.

The account is held by a Shadar-Kai banker near the entrance to the slave compound. When the PCs approach the slave compound a tremor opens a rift in the ground and elemental monsters come out. They make short work of them. A bubble of lava rises up and when it bursts it contains a pair of gloves. Alton’s demon speaks to him and tells him they are a gift.

The PCs take the magistrate to his banker and get his money then turn him loose.



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