Bear Claws

10. Forge Fires Burning

We dispatched the Orcs attacking us and were joined by Xaladin, a Druid looking for his brother. I was immediately impressed with his abilities and find him… Acceptable as a companion. Though I’m not sure he can be trusted.

I questioned one of the Orcs. He seemed to think that he didn’t need a reason to attack the dwarves. I d ont understand how anything can be violent without provocation. What is justice if both sides fight merely out of hate?

Beyond the hall we found a huge descending staircase that twisted over two hundred feet into a mountain valley. The Orcs had claimed the stairs and we fought out way down to the bottom. In an attempt to surprise the Orcs I lashed several ropes together and swung from the stairs onto a lower platform.

Beyond that was the Dwarven forges, filled with Orcs, fire and destruction. The Orcs were beating a dwarf for collapsing the tunnel. He is a paladin of Moradin. He has told us that the Orcs can get through the mountains by going through the vents. We must make sure the Farstriders have succeeded in sealing them.



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