Bear Claws

38. Down the Rabbit Hole

Characters: Roland, Jak, James, Thornside, Alton, Xaladin
Level: 11
Location: Overlook
NPCs: Emil, Pattie, Falrinth, Megan Swiftblade, farmers and travelers in the Green Dragon Inn

The Bear Claws journey toward Talar. While camping Pattie offers to tell a story about Malthazard and where he came from. She claims it’s because she is a bard.

That night Emil speaks to Alton using Malthazard’s voice. He tells Alton he will get what he wants which is the deaths of Emil and his family.

In Talar they enter the Green Dragon and Jak and Thornside get into a discussion with a drunk tiefling who tries to sell them his load of expensive cloth. Xaladin speaks to an Eladrin woman about the feywild and why she doesn’t feel comfortable with non-fey people.

The locals share some stories about rumored Githyanki attacks taking place in other parts of the world. They seem to think that there is an advanced communication between the armies.

One also claims to have seen a three-headed calf in Brindol.

While they are talking an earthquake starts and the building starts to fall. The Bear Claws leap into action to try to save the people and the building but quickly learn it is a lost cause when the building collapses on several of them.

Outside is a long flow of blood chaos coming from Falrinth’s tower. Tentacled chaotic beasts start to rise from the blood chaos and attack the Bear Claws in the destruction of the town.

As they wipe up the chaos creatures they see somebody crawling on the roof of the tower at the top of the hill. The tower has sunk into the hill until the roof is level with the top of the hill.

The Bear Claws approach and see that Megan is on the roof with a broken leg. Jak rescues her and she tells them that Falrinth is till inside. They find him shoring up the doors on the ground floor and help him wedge them in place. He repays them with some much needed items and a potion of vitality.

He tells them that Sarshan was there but he fled down a hole in the floor of the tower.

The Bear Claws follow Sarshan down the hole and find themselves in a maze of caverns. They pass through several caverns before they are split up by hallucinatory mushrooms. Roland absorbs the magical effect of the mushrooms and they find themselves somewhere in the dark on the other side of a cavern full of dead mushrooms.



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