Bear Claws

9. Deeper Delve the Dwarves

Beneath the stairs we found a small room with two doors. Hearing the sound of Orc voices behind one door we went inside to find two Orcs, hiding in the chamber. In an attempt to smoke them out Brin offered his bedroll as a sacrifice. The smoking bedroll filled the room with smoke and made the battle difficult. After dispatching the Orcs I tossed one of their bodies on the bedroll to put out the fire. Unfortunately the body ignited. James extinguished the fire with his great spray of urine but the stench was enough to make Alton stumble and fall in the smoldering steaming mess. His vomit only added to the stench.

Through the other door we found a small chamber with an emaciated and caged bear. I was able to coax it out, calm it and lead it to the exit. I hope it will recover and find safety. I wish there was some way I could see how it is doing. It seemed a poor animal. Alain tried to stop me from rescuing the bear. Had he been less of my companion I would have struck him.

Farther down we encountered an ogre that barely fit into the hallway. We dispatched it with little real effort.

Deeper down the hole we went. The dwarves main hall was littered the slain bodies of monks and clerics, killed while sleeping. We interrupted the Orcs in the very act of looting. The battle was vicious and long and we all sorely needed a rest. Just three hours into the night Alain woke us with the sound of approaching Orcs.



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