Bear Claws

27. Climb every mountain... every stream.

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Thornside, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 7/8
Location: Brindol
NPCs: Mary, Jalissa, Misty, Tuvok, Erlin

The bounty hunter Thorn attacks by throwing a net at Jak and unleashing sprays of crossbow bolts from his repeating crossbow. Jak nearly dies from the steady barrage of damage but James brings him back.

When he is beaten Thorn admits that the bounty was placed by Sarshan. He bargains to track down Sarshan for them if they will spare his life. The Bear Claws agree but keep his magic items.

Alton finds a library in the local temple of Ioun. The librarian shows him a scroll that cross references information regarding divine power being the same as that of arcane users.

Roland talks to the sword. She tells him she was once a woman and she will provide them with a ritual that will restore her and also close the portal to the Abyss that Fangren has opened.

Thornside makes some potions.

Mary and Jalissa bring them payment from Sertanian to help with their efforts to stop the gnolls. Mary mentions that she has just received a message, delivered by hedgehog, that her ‘father,’ Washburn, has requested she return to the Feywild. Her and Jalissa are heading out to find a Fey crossing.

Jalissa says her goodbyes to Thornside. She seems to be amused by his posturing.

The Bear Claws are also summoned by Effram Troyas. He asks them to bring back his friend, the sage Falrinth, who raised him when he was orphaned after the Red Hand of Doom killed his family.

The Bear Claws agree and set out the next morning. Along the road they encounter a farm guarded by a twelve year old boy that Jak recognizes as Erlin, oldest son of Loovat. Erlin’s mother, Misty, is nearby patching the thatching on their roof. She invites them in and tells them that they were attacked by gnolls a couple days before. She fled with the boys but Loovat was taken prisoner and the house lit on fire. She managed to douse the flames before losing more than just some thatching but she is worried about Loovat.

The Bear Claws continue on into the mountains, leaving horses and wagon at the farm. In the mountains they travel for a couple days before they find a game trail leading to a gray stone fortress hidden on a low peak, well off the traveled routes. It begins to snow and the Bear Claws are cold and wet by the time they reach the fortress.

Fortress Graystone reflects the dichotomy of nature of the githzerai who built it. One side is ordered perfectly and straight, the other side is twisted like a chaotic group project gone wrong.

On the stairs leading up to the doors Thornside notices a shadow behind one of the statues. He calls out and a gnoll comes forward. He sniffs them and then recognizes them from Sarshan’s tower. The gnoll welcomes them, thinking they are emissaries and they are responsible for getting Sarshan to send the weapons they now have.

The Bear Claws enter the fortress and find themselves in an octagonal room with five portals.



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