Bear Claws

29. Bring Out Your Dead

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Thornside, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 8
Location: Castle Graystone
NPCs: Loovat, Falrinth, Cunning

The Bear Claws split up with the ranged attackers staying on the balcony near the secret entrance. The melee attackers head back tot he main entrance to the ritual chamber. Fangren proves difficult to hit but seems to have a hard time hitting things as well.

Xaladin shows his usefulness by rounding up the minions and taking down Fangren. Roland and Alton have a friendly competition of arcane powers as they blast away at the gnolls and other monsters in the chamber.

When the fight is over the Bear Claws attempt to close the portal. Thornside stumbles and falls partway through. Roland absorbs a great deal of the energy in the portal and his wounds start to bleed glowing chaos energy and his eyes glow. James hurls the sacrifice into the portal and it closes but an explosion of energy blasts through the chamber. None of them seem the worst for it so they follow Amyria’s instructions to perform a ritual.

When the ritual is over Amyria is transformed into a tall, beautiful young woman in bronze armor. She tells them that Overlook is in danger and she wants to get back there as quickly as possible.

Roland, seeing a vision of Overlook burning and filled with bodies agrees with her.

They leave the fortress, the gnoll guards oblivious to the destruction they just caused, and hike back to Brindol. The first night they all have terrible dreams that keep them from sleeping well and they wake feeling tired and weakened. James figures out that it is an effect from the explosion of the portal.

The nightmare’s continue each night. They stop at Loovat’s farm and Misty and Tuvok are excited to see them. Erlin is less so, feeling sullen and unappreciated. The Bear Claws do their best to cheer him up.

During the night Thornside tries to sneak into the house to sleep inside but gets caught by Erlin. When he returns to the barn Amyria is waiting for him and tries to tell him that he doesn’t need to be somebody, he’s good enough as he is. She hugs him and comforts him then takes his watch when he crawls off to bed.

In Brindol the Bear Claws find an unwelcome reception as the locals have gotten the feeling that every time they come to town another building burns down. There’s even a song they overhear one of the children singing — which Jak seems to think is catchy enough that he hums the tune.

James picks up a Remove Affliction ritual to cure everybody of their nightmares but they all find out the local priests of Bahamut are willing to perform the ritual for free.

As they are leaving Overlook they run into Brin who is bringing a wagonload of gnoll bodies in the hopes of impressing Jalissa. When he hears she isn’t in town he lets the Bear Claws take them to sell to Rufus.

They leave Falrinth and Cunning in Talar and make their way towards Overlook.



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