Bear Claws

26. Back to the Future

a trip to the past.

Characters: Alton, Jak, James, Thornside, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 7
Location: Overlook, Brindol, The Great Dwarf Road
NPCs: Aerun, Kalad, Emil, Ruth and Rory, Mary, Jalissa, Adronsius, Mirtala, Sertanian, Rufus Cromley

The Lost One tells the Bear Claws that Mary and Jalissa are held in two separate rooms of the temple and points out which ones they are. Jak and Roland intimidate the leader into writing down the locations of the rest of the Lost One hideouts.

Jalissa is badly wounded and faints when James finds her. Mary has been beaten and battered as well and is relieved to see Alton and the other Bear Claws. The group decides to take the living Lost Ones to the authorities.

Kalad and Emil show up and accompany them. Emil chatters to Jak about how great his axe is all the way.

Aerun looks at the captured Lost Ones and at the list of locations and tells the Bear Claws that there are too many for him to strike at once. If he moves too quickly word will get out and they will all get away. He promises that he will use them in the future when he has a plan for dealing with them.

The group splits up and does some shopping while Alton and Jak accompany Mary and Jalissa back to the Belden’s Rest. On the way Mary tells them that she left Overlook to check on people in Brindol and found Jalissa ready to leave her home and accompany her. While there Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor, came to her and said that the platinum sword they had rescued from the goblins had started to speak and it was asking for the Bear Claws. Mary went with him and spoke to the sword. It told them that it needed Alton and James and the need was great.

When they arrive at the inn Ruth hurriedly prepares a room for Jalissa and Jak plants himself outside her door to guard. Mary cleans herself up and joins Alton in the common room.

Xaladin and Thornside take the wagon back to the temple and load up the bodies of the Lost Ones to take to Rufus Cromley. Rufus offers to pay extra if Jak ever dies. Thornside mentions the Dryad body they have and Rufus offers to create a feast table for them as payment for the bodies.

He also mentions he wants to see Jak’s axe. He wants to know if Xaladin can still change shape if he is dead and offers to pay extra for him as well.

Xaladin and Thornside take the dryad body back and drop it off.

Roland finds a first person account of a naturalist studying the demons of the elemental chaos. Iggwilv’s Demonomicon.

James learns a new ritual.

In the morning Jak finds the man from Dunesend who bought their horses and purchases some of them back. James also buys his draft horse back.

The Bear Claws take their wagon and head out to Brindol. On the road they encounter Brin who tells them that gnolls have been kidnapping people in the Vale and his troop is looking for them. He tells them to keep it safe and bids them farewell.

On the way to Brindol Mary talks to Jak about why he left his family and wonders if he misses them. She finds it difficult to understand his feelings as she was never given a choice about leaving her family.

In Brindol they spend the evening with Mirtala, who feeds them a hearty stew with thick, hard bread. Mary shares some peppers with those who don’t know to avoid them. Thornside can almost breathe fire. Jalissa thinks his reaction is funny. She also flirts with Thornside a little and asks him to teach her to shoot a bow.

In the morning they go the Hall of Great Valor and the sword speaks to them. She tells them that a pack of gnolls moved into the abandoned githzerai fortress Graystone in the Giantshome mountains recently and have started opening a portal to the elemental chaos. This portal awoke her and she wants them to take her to it and close the portal.

They are attacked by bounty hunters while they talk and the Hall is lit on fire. They fight off the bounty hunters and escape but find another bounty hunter waiting for them outside.



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