Bear Claws

37. An Elephant in My Pajamas

Characters: Roland, Jak, James, Thornside, Alton
Level: 11
Location: Overlook
NPCs: Brak, Kalad, Emil, Pattie, Mary, Jalissa, Althaea Windleaf, Ruth and Rory Teng, Jacob and Coriander, Gwen, Marchand, Elder Ironfell, Elder Caddrick, Amyria

Thornside is woken up one morning to a banging on the door of his room at the Belden’s Rest. Kalad has come with an order to arrest him for cruelty in treating a prisoner. Rory has filed a complaint against him for breaking his pelvis after the battle with Malthazard in the inn.

While he is in prison Jalissa, Emil and Pattie come to visit him. Jalissa gives him a lodestone so that they can tell which direction each other is in. She mentions that she got it in the feywild from a gnome merchant.

Emil thinks Thornside is imprisoned illegally and wants to bust him out. Pattie teases Thornside about Jalissa after she leaves.

Roland agrees to be Thornside’s legal representative, called a second, and begins putting together a defense. While he is studying legal documents and precedent at the library he is approached by Althaea who is curious about his abilities because she doesn’t understand how he doesn’t explode or go insane from using his powers. Eventually they come to an understanding when Roland figures out that she summons creatures from the Elemental Chaos as part of her magic.

Mary speaks to James and Alton and mentions that she, Althaea and Jalissa are heading across the Orc lands to find her village and meet her mother, but first she’s stopping at the monastery to talk to Bain.

Alton checks on Gwen at the temple of Avandra and finds the place clean and in good shape. She mentions her family and tells him they have moved into the priest’s shack behind the temple.

Jak assists Roland in his preparations by completely misinterpreting his description of the traditional clothes worn by the legal council.

James visits with Brak and sets up a forge so that he can create magical items for people.

Emil and Pattie ask Roland what they can do to help Thornside and Roland mentions that if the accusers tongue were removed then there would be precedent to cancel the trial. Pattie gives him a nod of acknowledgment.

The next day the trial starts and Elder Ironfell is presiding as the judge. Rory and his council try to establish Thornside as a thief in order to defame his character but when Roland points that being a thief has nothing to do with what he’s being tried for the accusers find that they quickly have little to go on. Roland posits that Thornside’s actions were part of battle and Elder Ironfell lets him go.

Back at the inn they celebrate and Emil comes to tell James his elephant is at the stables. James runs away to get his elephant which is named Tembo and leaves enormous piles of waste behind — it’s a match made it heaven.

Alebottom comes to get Thornside to buy him a drink (or two) and is almost nice to him.

Glorin Hammerfist also shows up to ask the Bear Claws if she can reinvest their profits from the Freetraders back into the group, “In ten years you guys could own this city.” They agree and she tells them that the Freetraders held their first council meeting that morning and elected a council to run the coalition.

The next morning the trial of Ruth and Rory is postponed because Rory’s tongue was cut from his mouth during the night while he was in his cell.

Over the next month these events take place:

Alton checks on the temple of Avandra. Meets Gwen’s family, her husband who lost an arm in the siege and her four-year-old daughter who loves to tell stories as long as she’s got an audience — or possibly even when she doesn’t. He sets up a job for Marchand, Gwen’s husband, to help train new recruits when he’s healed. Gwen also tells him that there is a harpy living in the rafters of the temple.

Jak spends much of his time helping to train the troops himself, showing them techniques. He also makes a mess out of a library, mostly on accident because he’s not sure what to do in one. He speaks to Amyria about the former owner of his Urgrosh. She tells him a few stories about Grath and her experience fighting alongside him for Arkhosia. Then she tells him she must go to the University of Sayre and will be leaving.

James talks Brak into letting him have an old unused training ground in back of the temple to make a pen for his elephant and spends his time getting the pen and forge up to his standards. He also offers to make a prosthetic arm for Marchand.

Roland asks James about enchanting some magic items for him and gives him an old cloak that he can repurpose for something useful — magical components.

Thornside and Pattie spend their nights hunting down the few remaining members of the Lost Ones and killing them. He is surprised to learn that Pattie is surprisingly good at sneaking and at assassinating people.

Alton takes Thornside to the temple of Avandra and asks him how to take out the harpy. Thornside admits he doesn’t know what to do but he suggests that, when they know where Xaladin is he use the harpy as an animal messenger to somebody in the feywild and that will get him back home.

Jak, while out visiting temples sees a strange multi-weaponed elf with an eye patch watching him. He calls out to Gilgathorn and goes over to talk to him. He tells Jak that he has not found Sarshan but he has found somebody who knows where he is. Megan Swiftblade of the Freeriders knows where Sarshan is but she seems to have disappeared.

Jake goes off to tell the rest of the Bear Claws. When they all arrive at the inn they have a message waiting from Elders Cadrick and Ironfell asking to meet with them.

They have a mission for the Bear Claws. They want them to journey to Talar, at the Green Dragon Inn and leave a message for Megan. She will contact them and they should bring her back to Overlook so they can figure out a way to remove the threat of Sarshan. If the Bear Claws find out where Sarshan is and they kill him then they are willing to pay extra for the service.



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