Bear Claws

74. Bag of Thunder

Characters: Thera, Alton, Izera, Glamor, Murook, Thornside, Jak, Xaladin, Roland, Althaea, Kira
Level: 30
Location: Tytherion, the Plane of Endless Night in the Caverns of Fiery Splendor
NPCs: Mary, Jalissa/Bahamut, Tiamat

Bahamut explains that Tiamat will have to be kept in her physical form if she is to be killed. The plan is to venture into her realm, kill her and then merge with Bahamut using the Hellhammer. Amyria turns into a sword of Dragonslaying and Jalissa gives Thornside the Arrow of Fate which is now the Arrow of Tiamat Slaying.

The Bear Claws meet up with James and Moradin one last time and equip themselves for the fight ahead. Then they pass through a portal into the heart of Tiamat’s realm. They venture forward into the caverns and make their way through the wasted volcanic darkness.

Partway through the caves Jak sees Gorthastron, the demon that he made a deal with. The demon wants to claim his price. Jake offers him a list and the demon wants the souls, not the list. He offers to take something else in exchange. The memory of your friends, your faith in your god. Jak beheads him.

Shortly after that Alton sees his mother, she is in the caves with Kas, she is his servant — almost an exarch. She tells them that Kas wants to make a deal with them. Kas has recently slain Vecna and claimed godhood as the god of betrayal. He offers the Bear Claws to give them something that will help in their quest in exchange for an open favor that he can ask for in the future.

Thornside makes the deal as long as Kas is sure to phrase his future request in a way that makes it sound morally palatable to him. Kas gives him the Cloak of the Phoenix.

Dhallia, Alton’s mother, tells him she recognizes the wood of his staff. It came from the tree that she planted to cover up her first betrayal. She won’t tell him what it was but she explains that it has made his staff more powerful. Alton, in disgust tosses the staff at her feet and she shrugs and picks it up.

Her and Kas depart into the shadows.

The Bear Claws find the chamber of Tiamat has a 650 foot geyser of lava keeping a platform of stone aloft overhead. They can hear Tiamat’s voices up there and decide that it would be better to bring the platform down than to climb up there. Jak throws his golden shovel at the base of the lava geyser while Xaladin strikes at it with a gale of wind. The geyser shifts just slightly off angle and the platform flips and falls, crashing to the bottom of the cavern where it falls over and jams on top of the geyser.

Tiamat and two large dragons fly down in a rage and the Bear Claws leap to the battle. Tiamat starts by filling the place with her chromatic breath and the fight is on. Things start to look bleak for the Bear Claws as Tiamat blasts them and tears at them with all her fury. Just when things are looking dark Thornside tossed in his bag of holding in which he had prepared over one million gold pices worth of alchemical explosives. The explosion blasted her back against the wall and destroyed her, ripping her apart.

Bahamut and Mary came by portal and tried to use the hammer on the mists of Tiamat’s essence. Nothing happened and Mary stepped into the mists breathing them in. She took on the essence of Tiamat and then Jalissa struck her with the hammer. The two of them merged forming IO once again.

Thornside, traumatized and maybe a little broken from the experience of killing a god simply walked away. His friends never saw him again but a legend arose of a crazed archer wandering the planes, keeping the gods in check if they tried to get out of line or meddle too much in mortal affairs.

Xaladin, having bonded with The Heart of What Was Lost returned to the feywild where he joined the Summer Court and became one of their most powerful fey.

Jak ascended to godhood and became the god of charity, self worth and dapperness.

Roland’s visions stopped the instant that Tiamat died. A rift in space opened before him and he stepped through where he became one with the Chaos and is now a part of the universe.

Murook set her sights to bettering the image of half-orcs and formed a group of half-orc do-gooders who helped people out and sought to improve the image of half-orcs in the world. The leader of the group would always be The Murook and take on the personality and physical traits of the original leader.

Alton disappeared. As far as anyone knows. Stories are often told of the halfling chef who shows up at inns and wayhouses and teaches the cooks there new recipes and techniques. The quality of food in the world improves everywhere and, often it is said by orphans on the street that you can only get so hungry before the angel will show up and provide them some food. Nobody knows who he is but legend says that sometimes he can be seen, walking with his dragon in the distance at sunset.

Mary and Jalissa become the god the dragons. IO. In time they learn to control their form and find that they can split themselves into both forms at once (Mary and Jalissa). The two of them have a long, bloody war ahead of them as they try to tame the chromatic dragons and win over the metallic ones. Together they are the god of dragons, separate Jalissa holds powers over justice and peace while Mary holds powers over hunger and longing.

The world is different place now. Many of the magical items that once seemed to decorate every bandits horde began to fade, to lose their magic and fall to ruin. The fey and numinous begin to fade away and their influence is no longer felt on the world. The shadows also lose their darkness.

The Time of Heroes is ended.




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