Bear Claws

70. Jak was Hear

the dapper god of librarians

Characters: Roland, Jak, Thornside, Murook, Alton, Kyra, Jalissa, Thera, Izera, Althaea
Level: 25
Location: Hestavar
NPCs: Mary, Emil, Pattie, Guionne

The Bear Claws dock the Fillia Ursa at the docks in Hestavar, leaving Amyria on board. On their way through the city they meet Mary who show them the way to the Swan Tower. She mentions that she found information about a weapon called the Hellhammer, made from one of the shards of the axe of Erek-Hus. It was said that it could combine two souls into one and could be found in the Abyss.

In the library the librarian tells them that the books about gods can be found on the 13th floor. Once up there they meet a devil named Guionne who tries to be helpful in finding the information they seek. They also find the Daughters of IO doing their own research. They determine that the Arrow of Fate is hidden behind four seals that each of the gods created.

The Dawnbell of Pelor, The Methion Market of Erathis, the Library of Ioun and the Storm of Asmodeus.

Knowing that the city will react quickly to any threat they decide to split up to take on the different seals.

One group determines that the library doesn’t need to be destroyed, just broken. They decide to try breaking it by disrupting the portal system that is bringing all the books to this place from their home libraries on all the other planes. Jak, Murook and Thornside set up a distraction by wreaking havoc and playing Marvel heroes in the library while Jalissa and Izera transfer the library portal system back to their mansion in Sayre. When they do the books disappear and alarms begin to sound.

On the other side of the city the other group takes the alarms as their cue. The seal of Erathis is tied to the citizens that use the marketplace. In order to destroy the marketplace without killing anybody, they decide to get everybody out. At the alarm they convince the market guards to head toward the library to help out. Then Althaea casts an illusion to summon a legion of specters and Roland begins to shout to clear the market. People run away in a panic and the Bear Claws start to break the seal.

The seal animates a dwarf from it’s own tiles to defend itself and they blast it with fireballs and stab it with spears until it breaks apart and the entire earthberg cracks and splits.

They then fly — with Thera and Mary running behind — to the Dawnbell Bastion where they find a complex of three towers full of angels. Alton takes on his angelic form and tells them that he is the leader of the angel board of directors calling an angel convention.

Althaea and Kyra fly up to the Dawnbell and trick the angels up there to go down for the ‘convention’ as well. Then they freeze and bell to make it more brittle and then melt the hanger it is on so it drops and shatters at the bottom of the tower.

All the angels gathered in the room turn to look as the Dawnbell of Pelor shatters with a resounding ring.




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