Bear Claws

68. Wings of Love

Heart of Fire

Characters: Roland, Jak, Thornside, Xaladin, Murook, Alton
Level: 23
Location: Vaerothim, The Forest of Twisted Souls, The Mantled Citadel
NPCs: Ana, Alain, The Autumnfalls, Xaladar, Kalad, Bahamut, Mornujhar, Irfelujhar

The Bear Claws find themselves in the Forest of Twisted Souls in the demiplane of Vaerothim. As they move through the creepy forest they encounter shadows of people they knew who have died.

Ana guarding the way, Alain high up in a tree, Thornside’s parents looking for him, Xaladar pursued by orcs, Kalad warning them about the forest. They meet an undead dryad who asks them to free her from the demiplane by taking a cutting from her tree. She tells them that the dead they see are of actually dead people but are merely shadows of them.

At the entrance to the Mantled Citadel they see an old man, his head bowed, a canary flitting about his gray hood before he fades to mist like the rest of the dead they have seen.

Inside the Citadel they explore the traps and rooms of the tower, working their way up through the inside. When they finally reach the top they find a huge library with a mosaic of Tiamat on the floor. The shelves are nearly empty and a dragonborn, a lich and a beholder are quickly shoving the last of the books into a bag.

The lich speaks to them, “I’d like to thank y’all for your help in bringing the Sword of Kas to me. It was the last component I needed to complete my ritual.”

Murook charges.




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