Bear Claws

51. In Which the Bear Claws Fight an Epic Battle and Chillreaver is Killed

Characters: Jak, James, Alton, Roland, Xaladin
Level: 14/15
Location: Icehome
NPCs: Uarion

The Bear Claws fight their way to Uarion, Roland taking down both of the fire elementals with his dagger and his skill with elemental power. Jak knocks Uarion out and ties him up to take with them on the rest of their journey.

They hear some noises beneath a crevasse and Roland shoots a blast of energy into the crevasse to see what is in there. His blast wakes up the umber hulks inside and they crawl out to attack. One grabs Roland and falls back into the crebasse. Jak jumps on him and the umber hulks retreat into a corner. Jak and Roland climb out and the Bear Claws leave the crevasse behind.

Moving further along they encounter a group of ice giants and attempt to sneak up on them. James is spotted and the wolves and giants attack. As soon as it is clear that the Bear Claws are much more powerful the leader of the giants, Nara of the Wastes, offers to trade information and to abandon the iceberg if they will stop killing her sons — the other giants.

She tells the Bear Claws that Chillreaver is the White Exarch of Tiamat. She tells them that he has mirrors that amplify the power of the Seed of Winter. She tells them that there is a false wall in the upper chamber that hides Chillreaver’s lair. She tells them that the jarl of her tribe made a deal with Chillreaver to get the island of Nefelus as a new home once it was completely frozen.

After this she leads her living sons away and uses a linked portal ritual scroll to go home and leave the iceberg, which she says Chillreaver calls Icehome.

The Bear Claws use the ritual that Bejam gave them to rest inside the bole of a large feywild tree. They return and only an hour has passed but they are refreshed and ready to fight Chillreaver.

They venture up the slick ramp to his lair where they find a polished, finely crafted room full of ice gargoyles. They quickly spot the false wall and enter his lair.

Chillreaver sits at the end of a large chamber on a raised dais covered with runes carved into the ice. In the center of the chamber, glittering silver and white is a the Seed of Winter with ten silvery mirrors reflecting bright which light onto it.

Jak, James and Xaladin head for Chillreaver to distract him while Alton and Roland start breaking the mirrors. Chillreaver immediately starts to freeze people. He uses the seed to dominate Xaladin, then Alton, then Jak. His frosty breath proves hard to resist as well and the Bear Claws take turns being immobilized by the cold.

Finally Jak teleports above him and lands on his back to beat on him. Alton steps through the dimensions to arrive at the Seed of Winter, only to find the mirrors are anchoring it in place. He and Roland blast more of the mirrors while Jak is tossed away from the dragon, who scrabbles at the pillar where the Seed is, trying to get Alton away form it.

Jak, dominated and under the control of Chillreaver is dropped to the floor of the chamber and Xaladin fey steps to the pedestal next to Alton where he grabs the Seed of Winter and it speaks to him. “Intimidate and control your friends,” it say, “it is good to be back in the hands of the fey.”

James, unable to attack from a distance throws a rope over Chillreaver’s claw and swings across the attack. He slams into Chillreaver’s side who then swings him, still on the rope until he wraps around the dragon where the dragon bites him and claws at him with his other foot.

James is finally knocked unconscious and dropped to the floor of the chamber and the dragon rushes at Alton. Roland stands up and hits him with a spell that slams him to the floor next to the newly recovered Jak who unleashes his revenge on the dragon.

Alton finishes him off with a silver spike through his chest.

Jak rushes over to James and dumps a healing potion down his throat.




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