Bear Claws

50. ♫Oooh Chiiiiilllllreaver...♪

I believe you can get me through the night.

Characters: Jak, James, Alton, Thornside, Xaladin
Level: 14
Location: Nefelus
NPCs: Amyria, Bejam

The Bear Claws receive gifts from the Thraxinium of Nefelus before departing on their way to the iceberg. On the way they are attacked by sahuagin soldiers that they dispatch without slowing down by very much.

At the iceberg they find a tunnel opening and follow it in. Inside the sahuagin are busy and one of them rushes off to tell Xurgelmek, their leader. Xaladin and Thornside charge into the cave with their Apparatus of Kwalish and the group quickly takes care of the sahuagin in the room. Thornside knocks out the priestess who is commanding the group and when they wake her up she tells them that Xurgelmek will kill them. She also tells them that Chillreaver will kill them. She annoys them enough that they kill her and move on through the iceberg.

Xurgelmek and his cronies rush into attack and one of the stalactites near Thornside comes alive and turns into an adult behir that tries to swallow him. He dodges and climbs on its back to shoot it. Xaladin rushes to his aid while Jak, James and Alton take out Xugelmek.

A beholder watches them from the top of an icy shelf but does not attack.

The behir swallows Xaladin when he rushes in to help Thornside and Alton dissolves into a cloud and dice and dives down it’s throat where he summons a storm of meteors. The behir belches everybody back out and tries to crawl away but Jak and James finish it off.

The beholder offers information in exchange for not getting killed — claiming that he’s seen them fight and thinks they are too much trouble for him. He tells the Bear Claws that Chillreaver is a two-headed dragon and is the White Exarch of Tiamat and was given the Seed of Winter by Cachlain the Stone-Skinned King who stole it from the Winter Queen in the feywild. Chillreaver came here at Tiamat’s bidding to keep Nefelus out of the war with the githyanki.

He hints that there is great treasure to be had but won’t tell them where it is unless they let him out of the iceberg. Alton isn’t comfortable letting him out because he has freely admitted that he eats people. He seems nice enough to Thornside and James thinks it’s worth it for the money but they leave the beholder behind and climb up through a hole in the ceiling of the chamber where they find another chamber full of stalactites and stalagmites. On a platform at the end of the chamber is a githzerai — probably the psionic mage Uarion that Bejam asked the Bear Claws to bring back — who alternates between cursing them and begging them to save him. As the last of them climb up through the hole in the floor of the chamber he raises his hands and a number of the stalactites and stalagmites in the chamber turn into icy flame and wind elementals.




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