Bear Claws

49. Over the Wall

Characters: Jak, James, Alton, Roland, Thornside, Xaladin
Level: 14
Location: Dornaithos, Nefelus
NPCs: Amyria, Captain Savvy, Bejam

Pattie gives Xaladin some Ocenstride boots and tell him that if he sees any two-headed dragons to tell them she says hi.

The Bear Claws make their way to Dornaithos where they find a ship waiting for them. The Brindol’s Pride has been outfitted with armor and and ice breaker to try and break through the ice blockade around Nefelus. The captain is a tiefling woman who goes by the name of Savvy.

She welcomes them aboard and tells them she has been expecting them. She runs a good crew and her ship is small and light and built for speed. The journey to Nefelus takes a week in which the Bear Claws learn to help on the ship as well as interact with the captain and with Amyria.

Amyria sees great potential in Emil and asks the Bear Claws where they found him. She is only slightly amused by Thornside’s stories but sees through them almost right away.

As they near the island of Nefelus a thick fog gathers and through the fog they see a huge iceberg looming above the ocean. There is a giant ring of ice surrounding the island of Nefelus and a group of frost giants stands on the ice, waiting to push them back. Savvy rams the ice with her ship and the Bear Claws attack and kill the giants.

Continuing on their way to Nefelus they meet Bejam, the sixth Thraxus of Nefelus who takes Amyria to meet with the Thraxinium — the head of the magocracy of Nefelus. While they are gone the deva assigned to see to their comfort provides food, drink and books at their request.

Finally Amyria comes and tells them that the Thraxinium has agreed to join the Coalition of the Bear Claws can release them from the icy grasp that has besieged their island.

Bejam explains that they have been able to determine that the ice is being caused by an artifact called The Seed of Winter which they thought was in the possession of the Winter Queen in the feywild. He warns them that they sent three ships to investigate before the ice wall completely surrounded them. Two ships were overrun by arctic sahuagin and the third was beset by frost giants when it arrived. Only one survivor remained, a githzerai named Uarion. Bejam would like to get Uarion back, if he still lives but fears that he may be lost to the Seed of Winter which can seize control of people’s minds.

He also shows them to a room containing some underwater vehicles that he will give to them for use to get under the ice and approach the ice berg that seems to be the center of the Seed of Winter’s power.




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